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    About Us

    Youth One provides mentorship based, after school programs and support services for youth ages 11-18.

    In 2014, Youth One launched because of a major problem surfacing in many communities: a lack of affordable, quality driven, mentorship based programs supporting youth after school. In Canada, almost 1 in every 2 youth will grow up without a mentor or role model in their life. This means many youth are struggling through life without necessary guidance and support during their most formative years. Research tells us when a youth has even ONE positive role model/mentor in their life it dramatically reduces many risk factors such as drug and alcohol abuse, crime rates, mental health issues, drop-out rates etc. We firmly believe that when youth are supported to live out their full potential, the future health of our community increases.

    Since launching in 2014, Youth One has supported thousands of individual youth through their middle school and high school years. This has been done through after-school drop in programs, support groups, leadership training, food services, life skill development and more.
    Our Mission: we believe every youth has so much potential, but many grow up without a dedicated community to help them fully realize it and live it out. This is why Youth One provides mentors, spaces and programs where youth can find belonging and support.