• Committees and Task Forces


  • The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce relies heavily on volunteers to do the work to ensure the Voice of Business is heard. As we start the new Chamber season in September there are several opportunities for our members to get involved in advocacy work, member engagement and events.

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce consists of three membership committees and one special interests committee.

    Convener Convener for leaders of influence.
    Catalyst Catalyst for business growth to enhance a healthy economic and social environment in our region.
    Champion Champion for a strong community.
    Young Business Professionals Empower young business professionals as stewards of the
    Lethbridge business community.
  • Convener Committee Convener Committee

    This committee’s aim is to cultivate and maintain strong government and industry relations while assisting the Board in fulfilling its role around governmental issues. In addition, this committee will:

    • Maintain and promote the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce’s relationships with all levels of government and industry stakeholders in conjunction with the efforts and/or assistance of the Executive Committee and Senior Staff.
    • Establish and follow a communication plan to enhance the Chamber’s relationships with municipal government, utilizing the Executive Committee and Senior Staff, to ensure the Chamber will be heard as the “Voice of Business” at the Municipal level.
    • Relationship building and influencing body with priority ratio given approximately 70% to Municipal Government and administration, 20% Provincially, and 10% Federally.

    Catalyst Committee Catalyst Committee

    This committee assists the Chamber in fulfilling its role in identifying issues that require policy development, advocacy work and membership engagement activity. It’s functions include:

    • Identify issues of importance for inclusion in the Annual Business and Community Issues Survey.
    • Review results from the Annual Business and Community Issues Survey.
    • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors for the Chamber to develop official policies and advocacy plans to address.
    • Initiate and provide oversight to informative and policy development task forces.
    • Identifying issues that impact local businesses from the municipal, provincial, and federal jurisdictions.
    • Member engagement opportunities.

    Champion Committee Champion Committee

    This committee is dedicated to presenting the most professional business image of the Chamber. They seek opportunities to engage the membership, welcome new Chamber members, retain existing
    members, support the business community through connections and support and strengthen our Lethbridge community at large. This committee will share ideas, information and ultimately exchange leads/referrals. When a need for a new program or event is identified this committee will make recommendations for solutions and help drive the initiative forward.

    Young Business Professionals Committee Young Business Professionals Committee

    The Young Business Professionals Committee is dedicated to empowering the future business leaders in Lethbridge. By providing young professionals under 35 outlets for network building and professional development, the YBPC is cultivating the next generation of business in our region. The YBPC is excited to launch the Young Business Professionals Mentorship Program, through this program the YBPC will create connections between up-and-coming young business professionals and seasoned business professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in key areas such as entrepreneurship, professional networking, work/life balance strategies, and any other areas that mentors and mentees wish to explore together.