• Investing in Market Access for Southern Alberta Business (2023)

    Investing in Market Access for Southern Alberta Business (2023)


    Global commerce is increasingly reliant upon the ability for goods to reach local, regional, and international markets. As such, it is imperative to consider the crucial role that transportation networks play in economic development. Current infrastructure in and around Southern Alberta requires serious upgrades and advancements to maintain and leverage a competitive edge in advancing business success in Southern Alberta.


    The ever growing international demand for high-quality foods and agri-food products, interruptions to food supply chain still being felt as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and planned population growth within our own country have positioned Southern Alberta to be the global leader in the distribution of products to local, regional, and international markets.

    Moreover, the relative economic stability of the region, combined with low infrastructure and land costs, and the proximity for major producers and distributors to raw agricultural products, has cast an attractive light on Southern Alberta as a place to invest. The opportunity currently exists to leverage these advantages to help diversify and grow the Canadian economy by improving local transportation infrastructure.


    That the Government of Canada:
    1. Work with rail operators to ensure open and fair access to rail transportation, through the reduction in regulations affecting wider usages of rail as a preferred form of transportation for Canadian goods to:
    • National and international markets,
    • Shipping ports; and
    • Transportation hubs.
    That the Government of Alberta:
    1. Commit to the further the twinning of Highway 3 and provide timelines for its completion, considering the economic impact and growth-potential of opening up access to Highway 1 and national markets across Canada; and
    2. Aide in creating a plan for sustainable growth in local airports as a portion of local economic progression, with an eye to growing international and inter-regional opportunities.