• Dual Credit Opportunities in Alberta

    Dual Credit Opportunities in Alberta


    There is a need for the continuance of provincial investment in Dual Credit Opportunities for high school and post-secondary students to assist their transition from secondary to post- secondary education and journeyperson apprenticeship programs.


    The current Provincial Dual Credit Strategy Fund was approved and awarded by the Government of Alberta in 2014 for a three-year pilot project. At the conclusion of the pilot project, there had been sixty dual credit projects in the province, twenty-four of which were approved within the last round of approvals.

    The pilot project funding followed a number of similarly funded projects that had been supported by the government over a number of years. Dual credit funding also included targeted funding for post-secondary institutions to build capacity, establish partnerships among schools and business, and explore structures for delivery. Many colleges across Alberta have been awarded funding for the purpose of creating these educational opportunities for high school students.


    That the Government of Alberta:
    1. Allocate a long-term funding structure to the Dual Credit Program for students transitioning from high school to post-secondary studies and journeyperson apprenticeship programs; and,
    2. Direct the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Advanced Education to explore broadening the post-secondary studies and journeyperson apprenticeship programs available to high school students under the dual credit program.