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  • Partnering with Teamworks Career Centre, we invite you to join us in building a healthier workplace through education, connection, and meaningful discussions. It is crucial to support mental health in your workplace, regardless of the size of your business. By understanding how to navigate mental health in the workplace, we can cultivate a vibrant and productive workforce.

    Join us at the Mental Health in the Workplace event to be a catalyst for change. Together, we can create awareness, promote understanding, and foster a more supportive environment for all employees.

    January 24th Schedule of Events
    8:30am- Registration | Coffee Networking and Continental Breakfast
    9:00 am - Opening Remarks
    9:15 am - Respectful Resolutions: Workplace Conflict's Impact on Mental Health    | Opening Keynote Dr. Ryan Todd Presented by Teamworks Career Centre
    10:00 am- Break
    10:15 am- Teamworks Career Centre | Ryan Miller
    10:30 am- Communication While in Conflict | Geralyn L'Heureux
    11:00- Live Your Best Life Starting Today! | Rob Jetten
    12:00- Lunch Service presented by the Lethbridge College Culinary Program
    1:00pm- Chambers Plan Employee Benefits |  Tyler Hirsche
    1:30 pm- The Power of Being Human on LinkedIn | Jason Donkersgoed
    2:00pm- Embracing Dialogue, Nurturing Respect: Tackling Workplace Mental Health -Panel Discussion and Closing Keynote | Dr. Ryan Todd
    Presented by Teamworks Career Centre
    2:45pm- Closing Remarks

    Lethbridge College
    Garden Court Restaurant
    3000 College Dr S.
    Lethbridge AB


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    CEO of Headversity, Psychiatrist & Technologist

    Dr. Ryan Todd is a psychiatrist and technologist, founding the workplace mental health and resilience
    platform, headversity. His work at headversity brought together a team of psychiatrists, psychologists,
    and educators to build an industry-redefining platform that is setting the new standard for workplace
    mental health, working with some of North America’s leading employers such as Shell Global, London
    Drugs, and ATB Financial. Dr. Todd is also a Top 40 under 40 recipient with Avenue Magazine, a
    published researcher, and the host of the popular HR podcast, "Beyond the Checkbox". Through
    headversity, Dr. Todd envisions getting the core training skills out of the backlogged mental health
    system and into employees’ hands.


    If you are tired of the toxic stress in your life, many others feel the same way. The fast-paced nature of life, coupled with the turmoil happening around the world, can be overwhelming. Imagine if there were safe and healthy techniques and strategies that could help us better cope with the chaos and stress in our lives.

    This presentation aims to address the body's physiological responses to stress and provide practical coping mechanisms for life's challenges. It will delve into one habit that needs to be shed immediately and two habits that can be adopted to instantly increase feelings of happiness and peace. If you are seeking a calmer life with more peace of mind, the activities, discussions, and information in this presentation might just be what you need.

    Certified Health & Wellness Coach | Educator (Retired) | First Aid Instructor

    Rob Jetten, a seasoned educator turned certified health and wellness coach, boasts three decades of teaching experience and the distinction of being a semi-finalist for Alberta Teacher of the Year. Committed to transforming lives through holistic well-being,

    Rob seamlessly integrated wellness strategies into his teaching, witnessing their positive impact on students' lives.
    Passionate about fostering healthier lifestyles, he took on influential roles as a high school wellness coordinator and an active member of key school district and city wellness committees. Guided by the belief that "Health and wellness is a personal journey"; Rob orchestrates engaging wellness initiatives and presentations, inspiring individuals to prioritize their well-being.

    Join Rob Jetten on a journey towards vitality and well-being, unlocking your potential for a healthier and happier life.






    Geralyn will share effective strategies for communicating during tense situations. She will identify common communication challenges during conflicts, providing you with practical techniques for de-escalating conflicts and finding common ground. The presentation is designed to empower you with the skills you will need to navigate difficult conversations and build healthy relationships in the midst of conflict.

    Career Coach and Employment Specialist 

    With a diverse background in work experiences, from horses to wildlife enforcement, Geralyn settle into teaching for 26 years, in traditional classrooms and distributed learning settings. Although not a school career counsellor, being in rural setting and having a diverse background of work experience before entering the teaching profession, Geralyn often gave assistance to students looking at career pathways. This has led her into her present career, that of a Career Coach and Employment Specialist with Teamworks Career Centre in Lethbridge. In this career service role, Geralyn is connecting employees with employees with employers and coaching both groups in their needs to select or present in the best possible light. Geralyn is married, has three children and a gaggle of grandchildren. 



    Our humanness is what ties us all together. From growing up feeling like a misfit to reconnecting with his most authentic self through lifelong learning, Jason will bring you through the journey and what he's learned from being human LinkedIn. 

    LC Extension Director

    Jason Donkersgoed is the Director of LC Extension at Lethbridge College (LC), where he is responsible for developing and delivering non-credit, customized and micro-credential courses. He and his team were instrumental in LC becoming the first post-secondary institution in Alberta to offer an International Coaching Federation (ICF)--accredited coaching course. Donkersgoed is an ICF Associate Certified Coach who received his Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching in 2022 from Royal Roads University in Victoria, B.C., where he also received his Master of Arts in 2021. His long list of credentials also includes a certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership from the University of New Brunswick and completion of the EQ-i 2.0 + 360 Certification Program from Multi-Health Systems, Inc.. Donkersgoed lives in Lethbridge with his wife and three kids.