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    As The Voice of Business, the Lethbridge Chamber works hard to help create a community where your business can thrive.

    Your Chamber membership will help you to accomplish several things:


    Create networking opportunities

    Speak to the government with a louder voice

    Get your name out there



  • 11 Reasons to Join 11 Reasons to Join


    1. Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a Chamber member.
    2. Increase your visibility in the community. New Chamber members are featured on out social media accounts, and front and centre on this very site! You also gain access to advertising with the Chamber and sponsoring events.
    3. Create networking opportunities. Chamber events and committees provide the perfect way for you to network. Network with business owners and their employees at our events, or join a committee and work alongside some of the top business leaders in Lethbridge. You can build your business while working to help make Lethbridge the best community possible to run your business.
    4. Marketing options.  Take advantage of the Chamber’s marketing opportunities to promote your company, send a message, or promote your products and sales. 
    5. Gain a voice in government. The Lethbridge Chamber is The Voice of Business. Through strong relationships with our municipal government and local elected officials, and provincial and national networks of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Lethbridge Chamber's policy and advocacy work has impacts at all levels of government.
    6. Make business contacts. The chamber’s most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the community. The chamber initiates more business-to-business commerce and more opportunities for networking and connecting local professionals than is available through most other local organizations.
    7. Receive chamber newsletters. Newsletters provide new member information, interesting information about operating a local business, articles about the local community, a community calendar and details about up-and-coming chamber events, among other things.
    8. Acquire customer referrals. The Chamber constantly receives calls from individuals and businesses looking for potential vendors, and exclusively recommends our members.
    9. Chamber events and programs. Chamber events and programs provide networking, professional development and learning opportunities to our members. Through major annual events, BizSmarts learning lunches and other must-attend events.