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  • ACC statement on Alberta Budget 2021 ACC statement on Alberta Budget 2021

    Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) President and CEO Ken Kobly released the following statement on Alberta Budget 2021:

    "Today's budget is, necessarily, one driven by the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects the pressures of rising healthcare costs, low energy prices, and a global recession while highlighting the need for economic reopening.

    "As Alberta's government continues to invest in pandemic recovery, these funds must be used for the immediate challenge of getting our economy open again. In addition to the vaccine rollout, Alberta's government needs to direct resources towards reopening shuttered businesses. Whether that's working with industries on ways to safely operate or connecting with business operators around individual exemptions, this is our province's most pressing economic opportunity.

    "This budget itself rests on reopening. It relies on some significant improvements—including a rebound of Alberta's economy, increased employment, and a stabilized energy market—that will quite simply not be possible with a closed down economy. If we are going to meet these targets, we don't have time to waste in getting Albertans back to work."

  • Mental Health in the Workplace Mental Health in the Workplace

    Thank you to everyone who attended Tuesday's Mental Health in the Workplace Conference!

    The event featured interesting and informative presentations from Nicole Bourgeoise and Rhonda Aos of CPHR; Charlene Scheffelmair of Davidson & Williams LLP; David Gabert of CMHA; and Wendy Herbers and Gina Hupee of Stage Right. As well, bestselling author Tony Rubleski presented on positive disruption, and we had a keynote presentation from Dr. Ryan Todd of headversity.

    Special thanks to our event sponsors Bayshore Home Health, City of Lethbridge and Infinity Healthcare for making this event possible.

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