• Committees and Task Forces


  • The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce relies heavily on volunteers to do the work to ensure the Voice of Business is heard. As we start the new Chamber season in September there are several opportunities for our members to get involved in advocacy work, member engagement and events.

    This fall we are changing the way our committees are organized and a lot of the work will rely on task forces. Because the format has changed please complete a  volunteer registration form for your areas interest and expertise to ensure that you are included in appropriate communications.

    Opportunities Defined:

    Chamber Committees – are an ongoing commitment and typically meet monthly.  Committees typically deal with high level overview of objectives and are long term in commitment.  Committees may recommend work to go to task force but will rarely delve deeply into specific topics. 


    Current committee opportunities are:

  • Advocacy Review Panel Advocacy Review Panel

    The Policy Review panel is a staff-appointed body of recognized experts in policy development, public, and government affairs, recruited to offer advice and sober second thought for our policy and advocacy efforts. If you have expertise in these topics and would like to volunteer your services, we would value your support. 

    The role of the Action Review Panel is review Chamber advocacy policy and positions prior to submission to the Board for approval.  The panel will:

    • Review policy and positions to identify stakeholders and risks
    • Make recommendations to the board
    • Develop individual advocacy strategies for policies and positions‚Äč
  • Audit & Finance Committee Audit & Finance Committee

    The Audit & Finance Committee fulfills governance responsibilities related to the quality and integrity of financial reporting. This Committee assures fair presentation of the financial position and results of operations of the Chamber in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles, and ensures that appropriate systems and controls are maintained for the proper recording of transactions and protection of assets.

    The Committee will:

    • Review and recommend approval of the annual budget prepared by the staff.
    • Regularly review financial results.
    • Oversee the management of organization-wide financial assets.
    • Oversee management’s establishment of an adequate system of internal controls and procedures and effective performance of those internal controls and procedures.
    • A sub-committee called the Audit Committee will sit with the independent auditor annually to review the results of the last financial audit and the contents of the auditors prepared management letter.
    • Ensure that the organization is operating at the highest level of financial transparency.
  • Chamber Action Committee Chamber Action Committee

    The role of the Chamber Action Committee is to gather information from the membership and community on important issues that affect business.

    The Committee will:

    • Identify industry issues and gain important input from industry leaders
    • Identify opportunities for policy or program development
    • Identify opportunities for the Chamber of Commerce to fill a relevant part of member needs
    • Make recommendations for taskforce work
  • Government Strategy Committee Government Strategy Committee

    The Government and Industry Relations Committee will assist the Board in fulfilling its role in the area of governmental issues and the Chamber’s relationships with all levels of government.  The Committee will:

    • Maintain and promote the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce’s relationships with all levels of levels of government and industry stakeholders in conjunction with the efforts and/or assistance of the Executive Committee and Executive Director.
    • Establish and follow a communication plan to enhance the Chamber’s relationships with municipal government, utilizing the Executive Committee and Executive Director, to ensure the Chamber will be heard as the “Voice of Business” at the Municipal level.
    • Monitor government-related activities and issues that affect the business community in Lethbridge, and be prepared to advance the position or interests of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce, on a timely and effective basis, in response to such issues.
  • HR & Workforce Development Committee HR & Workforce Development Committee

    The HR & Workforce Development Committee endeavors to:

    • Share information with members and lead HR related initiatives regarding employment, labour and job creation, workplace legislation and best HR practices;
    • Provide an advocacy role to represent members on current issues and employment legislation that affect business and workforce needs, through the development of Chamber HR policies that can be used to lobby local, provincial and federal governments;
    • Create a learning environment through expert speakers and workshops.
    • Build effective relationships and initiatives with HR related and educational based organizations and institutions 
    • Develop and support programs and resources for the mutual benefit of business and education.
  • HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Excel) Committee HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Excel) Committee

    The HYPE Committee will enhance the Chamber’s ability to address the needs of the young business owner’s demographic in Lethbridge through projects and events. HYPE will:

    • Engage business people under forty years of age with the Chamber of Commerce
    • Provide educational opportunities to young professionals, which are current and relevant to address their needs. These could include but are not limited to speakers, workshops, etc.
    • Provide networking opportunities for young professionals.
    • Explore mentorship opportunities with experienced professionals to ensure transition and growth in the business community.
    • Encourage progression of the committee members onto other Chamber committees
  • Member Connections Committee Member Connections Committee

    Not all membership needs are policy based; when a need for a new program or event is identified this committee will make recommendations for solutions to answer these requirements and form task forces as needed for implementation.

  • Philanthropy Committee Philanthropy Committee

    This committee strives to partner the business community with the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) currently working in our community. Through increased awareness, education, and communication we will create a stronger partnership. With increased collaboration the entire community benefits when those most in need are helped by receiving additional service or funds. It is not the purpose of this committee to ask for donations, nor select or position selected NPO’s.    

  • Chamber Task Forces – Are topic specific and typically short term in nature. They deal with the specific topic and disperse upon completion. Task forces may be for advocacy to develop a policy or for engagement to plan an event, or for a specific governance issue. Occasionally a task force may be ongoing for a longer period of time but is still topic specific such as Philanthropy, or Human Resources. Policy development participation may be limited to persons with topical expertise or to those specifically impacted by the issue at hand.


    Current task force opportunities are:

  • Chamber Office Enhancement Task Force Chamber Office Enhancement Task Force

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce office is due for some major repairs and updates, but we need to determine the best next step for our needs.  Should we renovate or move?  This task force will review the Chamber’s current and future needs and make recommendations to the Board of Directors

  • Competitiveness Task Force Competitiveness Task Force

    With regulatory costs for businesses rising across the board, our Chamber has a mandate to examine these pain points to see where productive policy work can be accomplished. Our recent survey made it clear that Municipal Mill Rates are a point of particular concern. This task force will research the issue, examine the environment of which our rates are apart, and make policy recommendations to our Board of Directors.

  • Downtown Development Task Force Downtown Development Task Force

    There are numerous issues surrounding development, safety, parking, and beautification that worry our membership. This task force will evaluate current downtown development efforts and develop policy recommendations for our Board.

  • Municipal Broadband Task Force Municipal Broadband Task Force

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that Lethbridge needs to become a 'fibre community' in order to grow our competitiveness. With traditional ISP's reluctant or unable to invest in the necessary infrastructure, it's time to consider more options. This task force will research, evaluate and make policy recommendations to our Board. 

  • Municipal Election Forum Task Force Municipal Election Forum Task Force

    The Chamber of Commerce holds an election forum for municipal candidates prior to all municipal elections.  This task force will prepare for the event and issue pre-forum questionnaires or other material. Following the election, the task force will evaluate how it went and consider recommendations to move forward to the Board. 

  • Opportunity South Task Force Opportunity South Task Force

    The Opportunity South Conference & Business Expo is the largest event of the year for the Chamber.  This task force will assist in planning and executing the logistics of the event.

  • Strategic Planning Task Force Strategic Planning Task Force

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce undergoes strategic planning every three years. This is due to occur in Spring 2018. This committee will prepare for this planning.

  • Transportation Issues Task Force Transportation Issues Task Force

    An ongoing project, this task force is investigating transportation planning models for our region and is developing recommendations for our Board of Directors. This body has spent a great deal of time advocating for transportation issues and can claim to have had a hand in recent wins for our region.