• What is the age requirement for Top 40 Under 40 candidates?

    To be eligible for consideration in the Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2019-2020, nominees must be UNDER the age of 40 on the final nomination date.

    How do I nominate someone for Top 40 Under 40?

    To nominate someone visit us online before September 2, 2019, and fill out the nomination form. You just need your nominee’s name, job title, phone number, e-mail address and a brief explanation of why you think they should be named to the Top 40 Under 40. Then we go straight to the source and get all the information we need directly from the nominee.

    Can I nominate more than one person?

    You can nominate as many people as you’d like. And you can nominate colleagues, friends, family members or someone you know through their work in the community.

    Can I nominate a group or a pair of people as co-nominees?

    Yes. We know that many people’s success is as part of a team. That said, the intention of the Top 40 Under 40 is to recognize the outstanding work of people, so typically groups of two or three are the most likely to make it through our process. For example, two people who have started and run a business together, or a CEO-CFO team that has really grown a company. All of the co-nominees must be under 40 on October 31, 2018 and must have a strong tie to the area. To co-nominate people, fill out a nomination form for each one and note the other people that they are co-nominated with in the box that asks about co-nomination. In order for each candidate to be eligible we must receive a separate form with contact information for each.

    Will the nominees be told who nominated them?

    No. The nominees will be told that they were nominated and that they need to fill out a second form to complete the nomination, but we won’t tell them who nominated them (but you can feel free to tell them yourself if you’d like).

    What makes someone a good candidate for Top 40 Under 40?

    Top 40’s are the best and brightest in the city. They are all different but they are all high achievers. They include business people, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, athletes, community organizers, politicians, teachers, inventors and more. They give back to the community and elevate the city through their work, whether it be in their career or volunteer work. They inspire us through everything they do.

    Does being nominated multiple times help my nominee? Does it show that many people wanted them on the list?

    No. The judges look mainly at the second form that has been filled out by the nominees themselves. While you may want to ensure that your nominee was considered and nominated, it won’t make a difference. We have also made changes this year so that the nominee will only get one notice of nomination.

    The person I want to nominate lives outside of Lethbridge.  Can I still nominate them?

    Yes. All Top 40s should have a strong connection to Lethbridge. They can live outside of the city limits, but should work or volunteer in the city.  But, if in doubt, nominate and we’ll sort it out.

    I nominated someone last year and they weren’t selected. Can I nominate them again?

    Absolutely. There are a number of reasons nominees might not get selected including that the judges consider their achievements not yet proven. An additional year may have made them better candidates.

    I received an e-mail saying I was nominated, what do I do now?

    Congratulations, someone has nominated you for BDO’s Top 40 Under 40. This year we have implemented a two-step nomination process. To accept the nomination you must fill out the nominee form by no later than  August 15th. The form includes questions about your career achievements, education, volunteering and community work. It also asks for references from your work and volunteering experiences. The e-mail you received telling you that you were nominated includes a link to the nominee form. When you have completed the form you should receive an e-mail confirming that it was received.

    Why do I have to complete the nomination if I was already nominated?

    We find that often the people who nominated them didn’t have enough information to give us a clear picture of who the nominees were and what they had done.  We go straight to the source and ask the nominees to tell us themselves what they’ve done. Your nomination is judged mainly on what you put in this form — the information you provide and how clear it is.

    What will happen if I don’t complete the nomination form?

    If you have been nominated but you do not complete the nominee form you will not be eligible for the Top 40 Under 40 and your information will not be sent to our judges for consideration.

    I’ve already been featured as a Top 40, can I be nominated again?

    When you’re a Top 40, you’re a Top 40 for life. If you have been a successful Top 40 Under 40 in the past you are not eligible to be featured in the Top 40 Under 40 again.

    How are the Top 40 selected?

    Each year, we receive hundreds of nominations for the BDO Top 40 Under 40. From those nominations our staff create a short list of approximately 80 nominees who have demonstrated the highest levels of achievement, whether in their career or community work. We also look for well-rounded candidates who have achieved high levels in both career and volunteer work.

    The short list is sent to our judging panel made up of leaders in the community, Top 40 Alumni and members of the BDO staff. The panel goes through these nominations with a fine-toothed comb and debates the merits of the candidates, weighing their achievements until they find the Top 40 Under 40 for the year.

    What makes a nomination stand out from the pack?

    Our judges look for nominees who have achievements in areas of their field, which includes community work, so try to be as specific as possible when you are filling out the nomination or nominee completion form. Measurable achievements should be included and could include achievements such as increasing profits, awards from professional associations or other groups or completion of a project, but we know that many achievements aren’t easily quantified or previously acknowledged, so give us as much detail as you can. The judges will also look for community and volunteer involvement that speaks to the nominee’s willingness to help others as well as their commitment and contribution to our city. Again, be as specific as possible.

    The form asks if I consent to being contacted for more information. Is signing up for these lists mandatory?

    If you say that we can’t contact you for further information we will be unable to contact you to tell you if you have been selected as a Top 40 and so you will be ineligible. You can unsubscribe from any and all contact from the Chamber at any time.

    When will I find out if I have been selected as a Top 40?

    Due to the high number of nominees, we are unable to contact all nominees to let them know the status of their nomination. Only those who are selected for this year’s Top 40 will be contacted.  A nominee for Top 40 will be announced weekly from September to June in the Voice of Business.  An overall winner will be awarded at the Business of the Years Awards Gala annually in October.

    What happens if I have been selected?

    Congratulations! You will be contacted by the Chamber staff to arrange for a bio and photo

    If I am selected, can I be disqualified?

    Yes.  The Chamber reserves the right to remove nominees from the Top 40 Under 40 at any time for any reason, including if the nominees can’t make themselves available for sufficient information collection or if any of the information they submit in the nomination package is not accurate or changes.

    Can I tell all my friends and family that I am in the Top 40 Under 40?

    Yes — The week that you are recognized, we will let you know in advance when that will be. We know that if you are selected you will be excited and we don’t expect you to keep your selection as a Top 40 a complete secret, but we want the announcement of the list to be a surprise, so please refrain from advertising your selection to the Top 40 in any form, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Failure to abide by this rule may result in your removal from the list.

    On the week you are recognized we encourage you to share your good news with everyone!

    Eligibility of Nominees —

    Lethbridgites who are excelling in their career, passionate about contributing to the community, helping to raise the profile of our city and will be under the age of 40 as of September 2, 2019, are perfect candidates for  Top 40 Under 40.

    Active Candidates during a political election will be disqualified.  Sitting elected officials may be nominated, as long as it is not during a campaigning period.

    Employees (and persons with whom they are domiciled) of the Contest Sponsor, its agents and representatives, its parents, affiliates, subsidiaries and dealers, as well as suppliers of materials or services related to this Contest, including the members of the contest judging team as determined by the Contest Sponsor, are not eligible for nomination in the Contest.


    There is only one way to enter:

    1) Online entry: To enter on-line, visit lethbridgechamber.com and complete the Nomination Form.

    Nominators may enter as many different nominees as they like.

    Individuals may nominate themselves for the awards.

    Entries that are incomplete, lost, stolen, late, delayed, misdirected, illegible, damaged, altered, irregular, destroyed, have been submitted through illicit means, or do not conform to or satisfy any conditions of these Official Regulations shall be disqualified.

    General —By entering a nomination or confirming the nomination, entrants accept and agree to abide by the Official Regulations and the decisions of the judging organization with respect to all aspects of the Contest, which are final, binding and conclusive on all matters relative to this Contest.

    In the event it is determined that an entrant has entered in a fashion not sanctioned by these Official Regulations, the entrant will be disqualified and all of the entries submitted by the entrant will be disqualified. Entries are subject to verification by the contest judging organization.

    All entries become the permanent property of the Contest Sponsor. Entrants may be contacted occasionally by the Contest Sponsor via e-mail, unless the entrant notifies the Contest Sponsor otherwise, for the purpose of informing the entrant of further promotional opportunities. This Contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and is void where prohibited.

    At any point in the Contest, an entrant may be disqualified at the discretion of the Chamber team if the entrant is unable to meet the requirements for the Top 40 Under 40 story and photography in a timely manner. This includes being unavailable or unreachable for interview or fact checking.  Entrants may also be disqualified if it is determined that the nomination form misrepresents the entrant’s achievements in any way.