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  • Top 40 Under Forty is presented by the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO.

    These are 40 people in our community who are doing BIG things. They are thriving in business, entrepreneurship, arts, athletics or are striving to make our city and region a better place to live and work.

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  • 2019-2020 Top 40 Under Forty 2019-2020 Top 40 Under Forty

  • Mike Warkentin Mike Warkentin


    A belief that Lethbridge is a truly world-class destination, a place with entertainment, culture and an amazing climate. Returning to Lethbridge in late 2018, Mike has had the opportunity help re-engage Exhibition Park with the City of Lethbridge.

    His main focus has been the EXolution development project and the creation of the StagEX Music Festival since arriving in Lethbridge. He believes that Southern Alberta is one of North America's best agricultural regions and as the largest agriculture society in the region; Exhibition Park has an obligation to showcase this, not just to the community and region, but to the world.

    “As Lethbridge continues to grow, the importance of a world-class gathering place increases. The introduction of the StagEX Music Festival is just the first step in helping to establish Lethbridge as a marquee tourism destination.”

    Growing up in Lethbridge and graduating from the University of Lethbridge allowed Mike to understand the unique sense of place that Lethbridge has.

    After graduating with an MBA in Sport Management from San Diego State University, Mike returned to Canada and became the General Manager of Rexall Place for Northlands in Edmonton, AB. This experience with one of the oldest agricultural societies in Canada taught him about the importance these groups have in the community and the extensive economic impact they can produce.

    During this time, Mike had the opportunity to work on and create some of the country's largest events, including Edmonton Oilers Hockey, the Canadian Finals Rodeo, the Davis Cup, not to mention countless marquee music events. In 2018, Mike returned to Lethbridge to work for Exhibition Park and has been tirelessly working to redefine how Exhibition Park serves the region.

    “We’re uniquely positioned as an organization to showcase the agricultural production and processing sector, while providing entertainment, cultural and commercial opportunities for all of Southern Alberta and Canada.”

    In 2018, Mike also founded Three-Sixty Leadership a predictive analytics firm focused on delivering quantitative results to the Sports and Entertainment industry.

    Mike has been an active volunteer throughout his career. His passion and understanding of the importance of organized sports lead him to his current role as Vice-Chair of the KidSport Society of Alberta Board of Directors.

    Additionally, the connection he feels to his alma mater, the University of Lethbridge lead him to join the University of Lethbridge Senate in 2019.

    Katie-Jo Rabbit Katie-Jo Rabbit

    Leader, advocate, innovator, supporter and self-proclaimed closet artist. Those are all terms used to describe Katie-Jo Rabbit. She is all of these things and also passionate about enhancing the lives of Indigenous peoples in the City of Lethbridge. 

    Katie-Jo will support anything to do with employment and or education. She is also full of ideas that she has had implemented with various projects throughout the city. She likes to share ideas with others to develop the mandate of making Lethbridge a more inclusive and diverse place to work and live. 

    Katie-Jo is a strong Blackfoot woman who is living in a modern world while still upholding traditional Blackfoot values. She has been able to do this successfully while managing the only Indigenous Employment Center in Lethbridge. 

    After attending Kainai High School on the Blood Reserve, Katie-Jo attended Grant MacEwan College studying journalism, and the University of Calgary studying Adult Education Career and Academic Advising. 

    A duel citizen, Katie-Jo lived in Missoula, Montana where she attended University and was part of a non-invasive genetic study of the Grant Teton Bison herd in Yellow Stone National Park. This is where she reconnected to her understanding of why we need to maintain our relationship with the land and each other. 

    When she returned from school, she helped to develop and maintain the Wolf Crow Bison Ranch that is now fully functional on the Blood Tribe Reserve. This experience helped her to heal and decolonize her ideals and it reminded her of the self-sufficiency that her ancestors achieved. This is something that Katie-Jo tries to pass on to others in her work with the Lethbridge Urban Indigenous Community.

    Katie-Jo is proud to have been involved with providing the Lethbridge Indigenous community with exciting and industry leading programs that enhanced the education and lives of participants. 

    She has performed Eve Ensler's Crooked Braid at the Lethbridge Fringe Festival, contributed to the Aboriginal Voices Column for the Lethbridge Journal, hosted a radio show of the same name on the CKXU 88.3 FM, hosted an Indigenous Arts Showcase at CASA and performed at a variety of different events as a Jingle Dress Dancer. These have all contributed to our community having a strong Indigenous voice. Katie-Jo has also traveled to various locations in Canada learning from other tribes and cities to bring back the lessons to the community of Lethbridge to implement the best practices. 

    Through her work with Saamis Aboriginal Employment & Training, Katie-Jo supports and sits on various committees that are doing some great work such as the Reconciliation Lethbridge Advisory Committee, LISN, Education, Employment Training Committee which she co-chaired. She is also the Indigenous Representative on the Economic Development Lethbridge Committee.

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO are proud to recognize Katie-Jo Rabbit as one of Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under Forty.

    Chris Cooke Chris Cooke

    In early 2008 at the age of 23, Chris Cooke called up his good friend and said that there's more video work out in Alberta for him to handle and that they should start a company together. In fall of 2008, they incorporated Feature Productions.

    Feature Productions started off doing primarily corporate work. As time went on, they slowly shifted towards live event production and that morphed into live sports production.

    They are now a leader in Canada doing live video production and LED Screens for sporting events. Chris still makes nearly 100% of all of the sales calls and client relations meetings while his partner Steve manages much of the event logistics.

    Chris directs many of the events that Feature Productions produce and is active in making sure each event is a success. As any successful entrepreneur understands, you have to be always on all the time in the early years to see growth in your bottom line. That's what Chris has done and continues to do.

    Chris has had the great opportunity to create relationships with the management and ownership at some very high profile organizations such as the Calgary Stampede, ENMAX Centre, Lethbridge Hurricanes & PBR Canada. These relationships have turned out to be exceptional clients that know and trust that when he promises something, he will ensure that he delivers it.

    During high school in the small town of Swan River, MB a teacher introduced a course called Television Production while Chris was in grade 11. At that point, he fell in love with the industry and began making snowboard films with his friends as they pulled each other behind the snowmobile.

    After high school, he did an internship at the Miracle Channel in Lethbridge and immediately afterward was hired. Chris worked at the Miracle channel until November of 2007 and went freelance for about 11 months before starting Feature Productions.

    Feature Productions has grown every single year under the leadership of he and Steve Prankard. They were able to buy their own office a few years ago and have reached some significant revenue milestones in the last few years that have met and exceeded their goals.

    Coming from a ranching background, it has always been Chris’ goal to land the Canadian Finals Rodeo production. In November of 2019, they have been hired to produce the CFR in Red Deer for the first time. Chris is excited to move into this new realm and look forward to continued growth and success.

    Chris worked alongside the committee for the 2019 bid that tried to get the Canada Summer Games to Lethbridge. He is now part of the committee who will be helping to host the 2020 Alberta Summer Games opening ceremonies.

    An exciting entrepreneur in our community, The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO are proud to recognize Chris Cooke as one of Lethbridge’s Top 40 Under Forty.

    Heather Kerr Heather Kerr

    Heather Kerr believes in making a connection with employees. She credits AGI with creating an environment that puts people first, and because of this she is able to create relationships and contribute to a meaningful workplace.

    Through combining ongoing professional development with her love of the Southern Alberta community, Heather is able to be a part of and help shape a workplace that genuinely cares for its employees. She loves being able to see people enjoy coming to work, and being part of what makes their day great.

    From leaving thank you notes to having trivia days, Heather tries to make the work less mundane and more fun. She spends time on the manufacturing floor every day talking to employees. This keeps her connected to the pulse of the plant and keeps the lines of communication open. 

    Heather also manages the safety department and keeping open communication about how to keep people feeling safe and comfortable at work goes a long way in retaining employees. 

    A Lethbridge native, Heather was born here, went to school here, and did her post-secondary here. She completed the “2+2 program” with the Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge, which gave her both a diploma and a bachelor’s degree. 

    Heather holds a bachelor's degree in management with a major in human resources an labour relations. She has worked in the human resources field in Lethbridge since graduation, and has been able to work with some wonderful people that have helped guide her on her journey. 

    A true passion for labour law, a love of people, an outgoing personality, and a strong desire to achieve the best all helped shape Heather into the person that she is today. 

    A volunteer with her son's hockey team through Lethbridge recreational hockey, Heather values youth sport. She has worked with with Kin Canada in the past, and has also helped fundraise for the Chinook Hospital NICU renovation.

    A lifelong learner, Heather has studied lean manufacturing. Ongoing continuous improvement has been important in her personal and professional life, because she believes that just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean that's always how you have to do it!

    Kyle Hussey Kyle Hussey

    Kyle Hussey has dedicated his life to helping others who are underrepresented and need a strong advocate in the community. This has varied in many different avenues from mental health, disability services, coaching and women’s sports within the last ten years. 

    In recent years his focus has been helping those with mental health problems and specifically those living with schizophrenia as I the Branch Manager of Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Online Programs for the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta.

    Kyle may have a long title, but his favorite part of the day is talking to those living with the illness and seeing how society, their peers and the community can help aid in life-changing recovery. He is also overjoyed that he can help people regardless of their income. He values that working at a non-for profit organization allows him to truly help anyone who walks in the door regardless of their background, faith, race or wallet size. 

    A childhood tragedy turned Kyle into the man that he is today. His teenage years were spent coping with depression and suicidal thoughts. However, he was saved by the kindness of others in the community. Through teachers, coaches, and therapists, Kyle was able to see positives in himself and his life. He wanted to share that feeling with others and at that point, knew that he wanted to spend his life helping people. 

    That journey began by attending the U of L leading towards education. In that program, the kids that seemed to fall through the cracks really stood out to Kyle and he wanted to do something more to help them. This caused him to change his major to psychology where he could learn more about behaviors and disabilities. During school, Kyle began work for a company that helped individuals with disabilities and this shaped the career path for his future. 

    Kyle helped to create, coach and direct Lethbridge’s women’s adult football team The Lethbridge Steel. During a two year period, he helped launch the program, win their first game and sat on the board of directors. 

    Kyle lives his life by the motto “Be a voice and help those in need”. In 2018, he was selected by the International Day of Disabilities (Alberta) to receive The Supporter award. This award is given to one individual from Lethbridge each year. 

    Community is important to Kyle. He feels that community is what saved his life and he wants to do everything that he can to give back. He has volunteered at events such as Canada day calibrations, target hunger, casino volunteering and even talked people down from suicide watch. He also continues to volunteer his time to help people in the community with resume and job prep skills. 

    Kyle feels that the most important way that he engages the community is by talking to the people that he sees every day, whether it be a stranger at the grocery store, a neighbor, friend or person down on their luck. He treats everyone with love, compassion and respect because we all need each other to succeed.

    Amy Allred Amy Allred

    Amy Allred loves community. Her desire is to be able to create and build community through all that she does, the old-fashioned way, face to face. She believes that music is a great tool for this – whether it’s connecting people while on stage, encouraging them through online platforms or meeting new musicians at open mic nights.

    She also loves to write songs and hopes that her story, told through songs, both the highs and lows will encourage and inspire other people. Music is a language that everyone speaks. 

    Southern Alberta has shaped who Amy is – the love of a simple life, the understanding of values and integrity and the tight-knit community – a great place to learn and grow in but she has also had the experience of living overseas. 

    At age 17, Amy moved to New Zealand for two years, working, learning and growing with Youth With A Mission. After that she moved to Australia for three years, where she studied music at Hillsong International Leadership College. 

    Amy’s personal story is one of great loss, the restoring power of friends and family and one that she hopes to use to show others that they too can rise above their circumstances. She is passionate about inspiring people to live in the moment, to truly value each day and to have some fun along the way. 

    In 2018, Amy was asked to open for George Canyon. She was also nominated for Fan’s Choice Award with the Alberta Country Music Association. She was a finalist at the Voice of the Big Valley Jamboree, the nation’s biggest country music festival. 

    These last few years have given Amy so many opportunities to be involved locally. One of the ways that she is able to be involved is by volunteering her time to local causes. She and her band volunteered for a number of events, including the Coaldale Demolition Derby hosted by Coaldale Kinsmen.

    She has been involved with numerous charities including Teen Challenge Alberta & World Vision and has shared her love of music through community theatre. Choosing joy in life is a value that Amy holds dear, that she loves to share and hopes will bring a smile to someone’s life.

    Claire Lint Claire Lint

    The one thing that is clear about Claire Lint, is that she is passionate for sharing movement with anyone who wants to learn.

    She works with students of all ages and abilities, and strives to make dance accessible to everyone she works with. She strongly believes in the importance of developing foundation and technique while encouraging students to explore a variety of creative processes and understanding dance as an art form. She divides her time between dance instructor, choreographer, performer, arts administrator and is a proud mom of two young boys.

    Claire is happy to call Lethbridge home and be a contributor to its vibrant arts community. 

    Claire Lint has been professionally trained in the ADAPT, RAD and Al Gilbert tap syllabi and has studied in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and throughout Western Canada.

    She is a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, BC and upon completion of her post-secondary education worked on and off the stage in dance and theatre. While working as a performer, Claire found a passion for Arts Administration.

    Keen to continue developing her skills, Claire has participated in a variety of programs to deepen her understanding of Arts Administration. In 2018, she completed the Board Leadership Lethbridge one day training and participated in the Business for the Arts- ArtsVest program with LSIDA. In June of this year she completed the RAFT program with the Rozsa Foundation and looks forward to continuing through their Arts Leadership programs.

    In addition to developing herself as an Arts Administrator, Claire continues to pursue dance training opportunities to support her work as an instructor, choreographer and dancer.

    Claire graduated from the Canadian College of Performing Arts in 2006 and quickly started working in theatre and dance. In 2008, she jumped at the opportunity to perform in Dawson City, Yukon working as a Can-Can Dancer at Diamond Tooth Gerties, Canadas first and longest running Casino. After several contracts up North, she was ready to set roots and decided to do so in her hometown of Lethbridge.

    In 2013, Claire was accepted for a residency at Casa and developed three new works (Haptikos- Aspects of Touch) while mentoring four local dancers. This residency was the impetus to create an organization focused on pre-professional and professional dance in Lethbridge. In 2015, she co-founded the Lethbridge Society of Independent Dance Artists, with the goal to promote pre-professional/professional dance opportunities in Lethbridge.

    She spent the next four years volunteering as Secretary for the board and the Allied Arts Council awarded Claire the the Young Artist Award for her efforts with LSIDA in 2016. Earlier this year, Claire launched her own dance studio Haptic Dance Arts, with the vision of Enriching Mind, Body and Spirit through Discipline, Technique and Performance. 

    Claire has the honor of working with hundreds of students each year. Her work as a dance instructor allows her to make an impact on students young and old.

    Whether it’s to encourage or inspire, she takes great pride in the work that she does at both a professional and community based level. When Claire isn't busy teaching classes or choreographing for a musical or show, you can most likely find her busking at local art events and volunteering at art openings or with LSIDA.

    She’s had several opportunities to mentor young up and coming performers and is always excited to take on new students eager to learn. Her experience sharing dance in Lethbridge has made a lasting impact and drives her to continue her work in this community.

    Allan denBok Allan denBok

    Allan denBok has taken a very unique career path. After graduating from law school in 2015, unlike many young professionals who choose to work as employees in an established office, Allan went in a different direction.

    In association with his two partners, in April of 2019 he took a leap into the establishment of his own business: Harvie denBok Pollock Law Office. 

    As a partner, Allan has worked to ensure that their office has focused on breaking the stereotypes of staid, traditional legal service, in favor of client-focused delivery where they see clients as unique individuals with individual needs. 

    Allan earned a Bachelor of Management, majoring in Finance, from the University of Lethbridge, prior to attending the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary, where he earned his Juris Doctor. 

    While obtaining his Juris Doctor, Allan volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada in the Civil Claims Duty Counsel and Master’s Amicus Curiae projects where he assisted in providing legal advice to self-represented litigants in Provincial Court and Master’s Chambers proceedings.

    Following completion of his articles, he was called to the Law Society of Albert in June 2016. His entrepreneurial spirit was kindled as a result of growing up in his Dad's bakery, which inspired Allan to start his own business. 

    Allan is a former director of the Lethbridge Bar Association, and provides various pro bono legal services to local charities. He also guest lectures at the Lethbridge College in the areas of contract and tort law in the Engineering Department.

    Angela Suntjens Angela Suntjens

    Angela Suntjens is different because she is a one woman show. She owns and operates Dryland Custom Fabrication completely on her own. Angela is a trained fabricator and welder but also an accomplished metal artist. 

    All of Angela’s work is done freehand, she does not use any sort of computer aided cutting in any of her work which means that her work is not only original, it is completely 100% handmade and custom. 

    Giving back to the community is important to Angela. She works to make sure all of her material is locally sourced and that the local community is the first to benefit from anything Dryland can offer or help with. 

    Raised on a farm in central Alberta, Angela has been welding for almost as long as she can recall. She attended Lethbridge College to become a trained welder, after which she worked building trailers.

    Angela later returned to Lethbridge College and earned a diploma in Sociology. She moved on to the University of Lethbridge where she earned a dual Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Philosophy and Psychology in only three years. After earning her BASc, Angela began working on her Masters. Angela turned down a PhD position to stay in Lethbridge and open Dryland Custom Fabrication. 

    Angela volunteers her time and resources to help those who are temporarily left without the means to provide for themselves. She has donated several pieces to local auctions, and supports the woman’s shelter as well as the food bank. She also offers repair services free of charge to at risk individuals.

    Katie Bruce Katie Bruce

    Katie Bruce grew up in the small town of Cayley, located between Calgary and Lethbridge just off of the No.2 highway. Her love of all things art started at a very young age, encouraged by her parents and extended family.

    She spent ample time outdoors and tucked away in libraries, exploring both the real world as well as the imaginary ones held in countless books. She believes that this instilled in her a real sense of wonder and the ability to look at the lives of those around her with empathetic, accepting eyes.

    In 2011, Katie graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at York University two years later, graduating in 2015. Following a month long residency at Casa in 2016, it became evident to her that Lethbridge was where her heart wanted to be.

    Since moving back to Lethbridge, she has continued to be an advocate for the arts and accessible education to those in the community, teaching courses at the University of Lethbridge and Casa alike, now working as the Education Services Manager for the Allied Arts Council.

    In 2014, Katie was awarded a research grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for her work on empathy within her research-based practice. The Schulich School of Business purchased a piece of Katie’s in 2015 which is now on permanent display in their downtown Toronto campus.

    In 2017, she attended A Handmade Assembly in Sackville, New Brunswick, and presented a paper on the importance of intentional consideration for the world around us. Katie has been awarded a residency at St. Michael’s Printshop in St. John’s Newfoundland, which was funded in part by the Canada Council of the Arts. Her work has also been supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

    Her most heartfelt personal achievements though have come from teaching in Lethbridge, where her love of art originally blossomed into a serious art-practice. Her students range in age from 6 to 65, and adapting her approach for each group has strengthened her ability to communicate as well as empathize; something the world can always use a little more of.

    Whether speaking in New Brunswick or California, Katie makes a concerted effort to boost the presence of Lethbridge to a broader audience; actively engaging in changing the perceptions or stereotypes of southern Alberta.

    By speaking directly to the opportunities that Lethbridge has afforded her -- an amazing education from giving professors; affordable studio spaces and facilities; residency opportunities; galleries exhibiting international artists -- she is a vocal advocate for the community she feels fortunate to call home.

    In her work at the Allied Arts Council, she has found herself searching for ways in which to make art more accessible to everyone, regardless of limitations they may encounter elsewhere. Teaming up with her colleagues, she is actively searching for funding to bring wheel-chair accessible stations to the clay classroom -- making sure that all students can experience the joy of throwing clay forms on a wheel, without physical discomfort.

    Following this, she has also made changes to the Child Bursary (an existing Allied Arts Council program) to ensure that children’s classes are financially more accessible. In doing so, her hope is to remove barriers that would prevent young artists from following their path further into the arts.

    The fundamental belief behind Katie’s drive to provide connective moments boils down to acknowledging that the simple act of sharing can soften our exteriors and open us up to new perspectives.

    Chris DeLisle Chris DeLisle

    Chris DeLisle grew up in the Crowsnest Pass and traveled to Lethbridge regularly. When he did, he was always intrigued by the wind turbines – even at a young age. To be working in the renewable energy industry now is a cool reflection on the past for Chris.

    Chris has an infectious passion for the wind energy industry. He is committed to enhancing the future of green energy in Alberta and around the globe. As the chair of Renewable Energy at Lethbridge College and an instructor in the Wind Turbine Technician program, Chris is passionate about student success and providing the needed workforce for the wind industry. He cares about the student and is often following up with alumni to let them know of opportunities. He has been a very strong advocate within the wind industry.

    After graduating from Crowsnest Consolidated High School, Chris attended Lethbridge College, where he graduated from the Electrician Apprenticeship program.

    He became a Master Electrician working in all areas of the trade before joining a wind turbine company as a wind turbine technician. Throughout his electrical career, Chris always had a passion for teaching people new things and helping them achieve their goals and when he saw an opening at Lethbridge College, he thought it would be a natural fit for him.

    Chris has spent the last seven years teaching the newest generation of wind turbine technicians. He loves teaching. While teaching is his passion, Chris also had the opportunity to move into the administrative side of education, being promoted to program Chair where he is able to advocate for his program and fight for its students.

    Shortly after he began teaching at Lethbridge College, Chris won a teaching excellence award. He has become a recognized expert voice in his field and is frequently asked to speak with media from across Canada – and beyond – about renewable energy and wind turbines.

    Ram Khanal Ram Khanal

    As a new immigrant from the hills of Nepal who has worked internationally, Ram Khanal brings a unique global experience to Lethbridge. 

    Though he was born in Nepal, he spent many years of his life working on cruise ships, experiencing the wider world. This experience taught him how wonderful cultural differences are, while also showing him that no matter how different we seem, our similarities are what make us human. 

    Since settling here in Southern Alberta, Ram has fallen in love with his new home. But, for him, that doesn’t mean sitting back and enjoying the beauty of the people and the region. Instead, he wants to be part of the energy that moves our city and region forward. 

    Ram has shown this vision for excellence through his renovation of the Picture Butte Hotel. He worked with many in the community to create a new space that fits the needs of people in Picture Butte, while simultaneously bringing in new and exciting food and maintaining the rich history of the hotel. Recently, Ram took over the Water Tower Grill in Lethbridge’s iconic Water Tower.

    As a child, Ram’s family was not well off, which meant he had to walk one hour, down into a valley and up the other side, every day to go to school. Though he hated it at the time, this is where the dedication and resolve to be the first person in his family to go to post-secondary started. 

    Though he was from a poor, rural area Ram knew he wanted to do more than just farm. So, he worked hard at school, studying Sanskrit as his major in High School, which allowed him to pursue his dreams by going to Indira Gandhi Open University in New Delhi. 

    Ram started his post-secondary studies with a Bachelor in Tourism Studies, before moving on to pursue a Masters in Business Administration, specializing in Oil and Gas, at Amity University in New Delhi. After graduating, he had the opportunity to work on a cruise ship, which introduced him to the varied nationalities of the world. 

    Over the course of his career on cruise ships, Ram worked with people from over 40 nationalities, visited 30 different countries, and learned four languages. By working with people from all over the globe, visiting so many countries, Ram learned a great deal about our differences and our similarities. When working cruise, he encountered people from all walks of life and their experiences have shaped his life.

    As a business owner, Ram feels that it is important to give back to the community. In that spirit, he is involved in a number of charitable organizations and gives donations through his businesses. He supports local little league teams and participates in as many events as he can in the community. 

    But, he believes that supporting the community is about more than just charity. From the ingredients his restaurants use in their dishes to the cultural events they host, it is Ram’s desire to see his restaurants sustain the vibrant culture and economy of Southern Alberta while pushing the area to go further and explore new cultures and new ways forward. There is also still a part of Ram’s heart back in Nepal, where much of his family still lives. With that in mind, he has partnered with a volunteer organization called “Helpage Nepal’’ to support the aged population in Nepal, who are in dire need.

    James Dempsey James Dempsey

    James Dempsey has the unique opportunity within his business at The Master Plan Wealth Management to hone and blend two distinct skill sets. First, his “hard” skill set includes financial analysis, market and product research in an efficient and proficient manner. Next, he uses those hard skills in an empathetic, compassionate, and integral way. 

    He has learned that in order for people to open up about their financial circumstances, James must first build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. He would truly do anything for his clients and goes to the greatest extent for them while acting in their best interest. 

    James feels that if his clients succeed, he succeeds, however, his business will only ever grown if his clients truly understand that are at the root of all that he does.

    James went to Briercrest College and SAIT where he studied Business Administration and Finance. He has a Diploma in Financial Planning and is in the final stages of achieving a Certified Financial Planning designation. 

    After five years as a Financial Advisor, James owes his industry experience and approach to business to his father, Rick Dempsey. He is a man of integrity and truly has a 'client first' attitude. Through James’ childhood and time at college he played volleyball. During that time, he was a member of some great teams. He feels fortunate to have very talented teammates and coaches who have been an integral part of shaping who he is. 

    In his free time James helps coach high school and club volleyball. He loves to share his time and talents to empower the next generation. James feels that he wouldn’t be where he is without the role models he has had, so when he can, James wants to support the next generations of athletes.

    Hailey Babb Hailey Babb

    From a young age, Hailey Babb has demonstrated thoughtful, consistent leadership and strives to give back to her community in meaningful ways. She is highly service-oriented, knowing that her achievements will greatly impact on the lives of others. 

    She draws greatly upon personal experience to inform her advocacy and has a leadership style that empowers others to claim their space at decision making tables. 

    Hailey is deeply dedicated to breaking down systemic barriers for youth and women in both higher education as well as the political system. Hailey is a vocal advocate for Open Education, commonly defined as the philosophy that everyone in the world should have access to high-quality educational experiences and resources. 

    On campus and abroad, Hailey has pushed for the adoption of Open Educational Resources (openly-licensed learning materials that are high-quality and free to use) as an alternative to expensive traditional textbooks. She is currently Open Education Coordinator at Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) North America. She was a contributing author to their comprehensive filing to the United States Department of Justice antitrust division to block the proposed merger between publishing giants Cengage and McGraw-Hill.

    Hailey is a long-time resident of Lethbridge and graduate of Chinook High School. She later enrolled at the University of Lethbridge (UofL) from where she will soon hold her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. 

    Throughout this time, she was heavily involved in campus leadership, first serving two years as a Residence Assistant and earning the Residence Life Professional Award, presented annually to the top three leaders in the nearly 40 member cohort. She later went on to work as a new student mentor, and took her first step into the University of Lethbridge Students’ Union (ULSU) as a faculty representative and Vice-President Academic before being elected as student body President. 

    In this role, she served on the University’s Board of Governors, Senate, and lobbied as a member of two advocacy groups: the Council of Alberta University Students and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. Here, she advocated on behalf of over 300,000 students across the country at the Alberta Legislature and Parliament Hill. 

    Her advocacy was instrumental in the passing of the Government of Alberta’s Bill 19 in October 2018, widely regarded as the largest win for post-secondary students in over a decade with unanimous support across party lines. 

    During her tenure as Vice-President Academic with the ULSU, Hailey was the institutional lead for the inaugural #TextbookBrokeAB campaign, a provincial effort put forward by four of Alberta’s major institutions to promote Open Educational Resources and bring attention to the rising cost of educational materials to relevant policymakers. 

    As a direct result of this advocacy, Hailey has been invited to speak both nationally and internationally on the topic, most recently at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. 

    Hailey has been a champion of her community from a young age. Now, Hailey uses her platform to elevate those around her and frequently volunteers her time to various youth organizations. She hopes to continue to raise Lethbridge’s profile provincially, nationally, and internationally wherever she goes.

    Brandon Boorsma Brandon Boorsma

    Brandon Boorsma co-founded DROP Structures after realizing that with a baby on the way he and his wife didn’t have enough space in their home.

    After looking into additions and seeing costs quickly mount, they abandoned the idea and began to get creative. In that search for extra space, the idea for the first DROP Structure was born.

    DROP Structures was self-funded and grown from scratch here in Lethbridge. Brandon is proud to say that they have successfully sold not only to the local market of Lethbridge but have had the pleasure of expanding the business to Vancouver, down the coast to California and across to the other side in New York.

    They have built partnerships with other Lethbridge companies to expand the reach of both DROP Structures and other local companies to an international stage. Brandon loves problem solving and believes that characteristic has been one of the drivers in the creation of new products and new markets.

    Born and raised in Lethbridge, Brandon earned a BASc from the University of Lethbridge in 2009. From there he worked in project management in the energy sector, managed and started a hand full of local restaurants and started DROP Structures.

    Brandon is proud to have improved our community through creating good experiences, solving problem for people and creating jobs in a positive healthy environment.

    Tanya Kellington Tanya Kellington

    Tanya Kellington is a mentor and coach for her team at Kenegdo Salon Spa as she guides them in the development of their careers. Tanya loves connecting with people and helping them grow. 

    At Kenegdo, Tanya has an education fund to support team members in staying up to date and being able to give customers the best service possible. To ensure consistency, every professional completes an advanced training program. Tanya gets a huge sense of fulfillment when she guides her team in achieving their goals for their business. 

    Tanya has built long lasting relationships with her clients. She doesn’t just consider them clients. Her connection to each of them goes beyond that. She takes time to learn the names of her clients’ children and spouse, and to learn about their lives on a personal level. 

    After attending a year of business school at Lethbridge College, Tanya chose to go straight into the hairstyling program at Marvel college and continue with the Esthetics program, which she finished in 2001. She started Kenegdo in 2011 and had multiple coaches each year for different areas of business, which Tanya credits with much of her success.

    Recently, Tanya completed a Business Mastery program in Florida as well as advanced Business Mastery from the Tony Robbins 7 Forces of Business Mastery program. 

    In 2010, Tanya was recognized with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur Award at the Business of the Year Award gala. She has involved herself in the Lethbridge community through sponsorship of the Beautiful Inside Out Academy which works to empower young women through the development of leadership skills. Tanya also serves as a sponsor for the Women of Distinction Awards. She is also a proud supporter of Wood's Homes, Youth One, Children's Wish foundation and Kid's Sport.

    Michael Gale Michael Gale

    Growing up Michael Gale was diagnosed with a learning disability that made grade school extremely difficult. Learning did not come easily to him, and he struggled for many years in school.
    A small handful of people helped him to learn that leaning differently does not mean you are unintelligent.
    After many years in learning support classes, Michael graduated high school with honors and applied to the University of Lethbridge for the combined Bachelor of Science and Education degree.
    He wanted to give back to the profession that made such a difference in his life and help children that struggle like he did.
    In an effort to maintain lifelong learning Michael’s degree evolved into a Bachelor of Science streaming in Neuroscience, Biology, and Geography spanning nearly a decade. In his time in University he was on academic probation, was forced to drop out in order to have life changing spinal surgery, lost his home to a house fire, and lost his Father to cancer.
    Through all of these hardships he was able to earn his Bachelors degree, maintain positions in the Students Union for three consecutive terms, take active rolls in several University and community organizations, get hired by the University, and start his Masters Degree.
    After earning his degree, Michael was hired by the UofL as a Recruitment Officer which allowed him to travel all over Canada and share his experiences at the University. While working for the University, he was also elected to be on the Executive Committee for the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association to serve as the Treasurer for a two year term.
    During his Masters program, Michael has had the opportunity to work with NASA doing a Metabolomic Analysis on Astronut’s biofluids to determine the changes in their metabolome before, during, and after space travel. The goal will be to determine and monitor the Astronauts health and special nutritional requirements

    Dominika Wojcik Dominika Wojcik

    Dominika Wojcik’s diverse experience allows her to solve problems better than most people. In her role as Assistant Manager of Conference and Event Services — though she humbly refers to herself as ‘Chaos Coordinator’ — her main responsibility is to facilitate the planning and coordinate the details of conferences held at the University of Lethbridge. 

    She strives to ensure that their guests enjoy a stress free experience from start to finish. This can look different every time; sometimes she is filling in at registration tables, other times she is running tablecloths, or grabbing coffee for speakers. She does whatever is needed to ensure a successful event for her clients. 

    Dominika was closely involved with the successful rebranding of the University of Lethbridge Campus Hotel to the University of Lethbridge Lux Hotel.

    In September 2019, Dominika embarked on a new adventure in addition to her role at the UofL, becoming co-owner of Organic Tan Lethbridge. She spent many years prior to event planning in the beauty industry, and has always dreamed of opening her own salon.

    Dominika was born and raised in Lethbridge. She attended school here from kindergarten to grade 12, and then went on to complete a double diploma at Lethbridge College and Bachelor's Degree at the University of Lethbridge, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Social Responsibility. 

    She feels blessed to have had many remarkable men and women offer mentorship over her career. Beyond teaching her to be a savvy and optimistic businesswoman, the most valuable lesson she has come to understand is: success means something different to each of us.

    Dominika has served on the YWCA Lethbridge & District board for over four years, and presently serves as Board Co-President. At her core, she believes in creating unquestionable equality for young people growing up in our community. 

    She loves what the YWCA stands for and the support it provides, particularly the enrichment of women’s lives.

    Vicki Pietras Vicki Pietras

    As the interior design lead at SONGER architecture inc., Vicki Pietras believes that well-designed interiors impact our lives in unperceived ways. Good design improves how well a space functions, and can improve both productivity and emotional response from those who occupy that space. 
    Vicki enjoys the process of working with clients to ensure that the interiors reflect their personality while creating an efficient and comfortable environment. Working at a smaller firm gives her the opportunity to be involved in the entire design process – from initial client engagement and needs assessment right through to construction administration. She particularly enjoys working with not-for-profit groups to design efficient and cost-effective interiors. 
    Recently, Vicki was the interior design lead for the Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Centre renewal. SONGER architecture inc. had the honour of updating this beloved building to improve its function while honouring the original 1960s design. Vickie found breathing new life into the iconic Lethbridge building to be incredibly rewarding. 
    With a keen interest in nutrition, Vicki enrolled at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology in the Food & Nutrition Management program – earning her diploma in 2007. Following graduation, she worked as a nutritional consultant in Central Alberta. 
    Although she loved the opportunity to work with clients, Vicki realized that she wasn’t honouring her innate creativity. She knew from a young age of redesigning rooms in our family home that interior design was her passion. 
    In 2008 Vicki registered in the Interior Design Technician program at Lethbridge College – earning honours standing and a Professional Spirit Award. She gained invaluable, practical work experience in flooring and millwork after graduation that has helped to inform her designs. In 2013 she joined SONGER architecture inc. as the lead interior design technician. 
    Committed to sustainability, Vicki studied for and obtained designation as a LEED Green Associate in 2015. With a desire to continue her education beyond college, she pursued her National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certification. After extensive studying, work experience, and a series of grueling exams, she earned her certification in 2017 and is one of only three of NCIDQ holders in Lethbridge. 

    Simon Restrepo Munoz Simon Restrepo Munoz

    Simon Restrepo Munoz is an ambitious individual who is self-driven and motivated to make an impact in this community. He is dedicated to expanding his family business, We Clean, so that he can create more well-paying jobs and provide opportunity to immigrants like him.

    Simon began his post-secondary education at Lethbridge College. At The College he was studying to be a Civil Engineering Technologist. While he was in school he started to help his father with quotes for new clients while cleaning office buildings in the evenings after school. 

    Once he earned his diploma he realized that he was hungry to learn more and left for Thunder Bay, ON to earn a Civil Engineering Degree. While he was away he was still helping out with emails, quotes and as much as he could do at a distance with the business. Since, January 2019, Simon has been back to Lethbridge and working full time with We Clean.

    Simon has been passionate about growing his family business. In a short period of time they have successfully grown from from three employees to seven. He views this as a huge achievement because his goal is to create more opportunities for the people in our community. 

    As a proud Latin American, Simon supports not-for-profit groups in Lethbridge such as the Lethbridge Latin American Association to grow these groups and showcase Latin American culture to the people of Lethbridge.

    D’laney Weston D’laney Weston

    D’laney Weston has been a Licenced Stylist for over 12 years. She knew when starting up Chrome that she had the opportunity to be the boss that she always wanted to have. She prides herself on being a motivator for her staff and believes that mindset is important as a leader. She leads her team to visualize success, set goals and aim high. 
    As a small business owner, D’laney feels blessed to be in Lethbridge, where she has been able choose her own path and help to empower others.
    In 2007, D’laney graduated from the hairstyling course at Marvel Beauty College in Saskatoon. In school, she was taught the basics, but her growth in skills came through apprenticing in salons. 
    She knew that she was good with cutting techniques and Color formulations, but was better at connecting with people. D’laney truly loves what she does, because of the relationships that she has formed with clients and staff. She loves helping people feel confident, because she believes that when you look good, you feel great.
    Before opening Chrome, D’laney completed the self-employment course with execuserve plus inc. She continued to reach out to the mentors that she met there.
    A former competitive figure skater and coach, D’laney now volunteers her time with Galbraith school to help children learn to skate in their kindergarten program.

    Joey Baranyay Joey Baranyay

    Joey Baranyay is dedicated to the City of Lethbridge and the success of our community. He is a young, entrepreneurial minded Management Graduate from the University of Lethbridge that sees tremendous opportunity to do business within this city. 

    At age 27, Joey was given the opportunity to manage and operate EMCO, a multimillion-dollar mechanical distribution business in Lethbridge. He has built his business on relationships, community, and people. He prides himself on creating the culture within his business where family comes first and by that his team, customers, and vendors are an extension of his family. 

    In 2010, Joey earned his Management degree from the University of Lethbridge. While in university he developed his skills as a community leader through years of work with the Students Union as a faculty representative. He represented the interests of over 2000 Management Students, as well as over 600 students living in residence each year as a Resident Advisor for the Organization of Residence Students. 

    Upon graduation Joey was hired by EMCO Corporation as part of their Management Development Program where they taught him to be a business leader and to this day have allowed him to operate their Lethbridge distribution business. He manages a team of thirteen people, coaching and developing them into business leaders ensuring their success within our company and community. 

    In early 2019, under his leadership, EMCO won Lethbridge’s Best of the Best Bathroom store. Through EMCO, Joey has been involved with the work of BILD, where he has been on the Board of Directors for the past four years and where he currently holds the position of Past President and treasurer.

    As an active board member with BILD Joey advocates for one of Lethbridge’s largest industries, employing thousands of people and generating hundreds of millions of dollars for the local economy. Through the work of BILD, Joey has also been active in their charity projects donating time and money for the College Home Project for the Trades and Technology facility as well as a $20,000 renovation giveaway to a deserving citizen of Lethbridge.


    Joey is passionate about the City of Lethbridge and what it has done for its citizens. He believes that a business cannot be successful without the help of a vibrant community, so it is important to him to give back. Through EMCO, he has partnered with the YWCA and Lethbridge Family Services with the Tubs with Toys campaign, where every year at Christmas they donate toys to children to make their Christmas magical. In almost 10 years the program has raised close to $85,000 in toys for children in Lethbridge.

    Karl Hendrickson Karl Hendrickson

    Karl Hendrickson sees more than just the numbers and recognizes opportunities that others might overlook. He is a trusted advisor to his clients at Best Roest & Co LLP and simplifies complex topics so that they can make informed business decisions. 

    He is not just a number cruncher but an innovative business advisor and consultant who cares about his clients, builds relationships and helps clients meet their potential. He works with a number of clients across industries including agriculture, construction, food services, trucking, retail, and professionals.

    Karl earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2007 and a post-baccalaureate certificate in accounting in 2009. He articled with an international accounting firm where he obtained his Chartered Accountant Designation in 2012. After obtaining his professional designation, Karl went on to complete the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada’s In-Depth Tax Course.

    Karl has a passion for volunteering in the community. He enjoys working with youth and has been involved in coaching with Lethbridge Minor Hockey Association for several years as well as actively involved with Scouts Canada. 

    Currently, he sits on the board of LMHA for and prior to that was a board member for the Lethbridge Boys and Girls Club. Growing up in Southern Alberta it is extremely important to him to support the community and give back like those who had an impact on his life.

    Kyle Lebeau Kyle Lebeau

    Kyle Lebeau tries to lead with a focus on integrity, transparency, community and being of service. This attitude embodies the core values of his company, CENTURY 21 Foothills South.

    This has been Kyle’s key to success in an industry that is highly competitive where he is advising clients on major life decisions. When he must make a tough decision he always falls back on those values. This breeds an environment where his staff will support each other despite being in competition. 

    Kyle did one year of post secondary at the University of Lethbridge and a second at Lethbridge College where he studied business. After his second year of post secondary, Kyle purchased his first home, which proved to be a life changing event. 

    After working with a great realtor and experiencing the process and excitement of buying a house he immediately knew that he wanted to get into real estate. That led to Kyle taking the risk of jumping into a real estate career and not continuing to work towards a degree.

    In 2010 he earned got his real estate license and started with Century 21 Foothills, and by 2011 he was recognized as New Home Salesperson of the year from the Canadian Home Builders Association. 

    In 2012 he started his own sales team which grew to two assistants and three junior associates in only a year. The team quickly won various Century 21 sales awards and five years later, Kyle bought the Century 21 Franchises for Lethbridge and surrounding areas. 

    At the time the team consisted of 13 agents and one staff member and mainly practiced in residential. Since that time his team has grown to 45 agents, five staff and has thriving Commercial, Agricultural and Property Management Divisions.

    Kyle is a big supporter of Youth One Youth Group. In 2019, he headed up the planning for the very first C21 Gold Gala in support of Youth One Youth Centre. Through CENTURY 21, Kyle has also sponsored many events and organizations in the community including the Children's Wish Foundation, Lethbridge Regional Hockey, Youth One, Environment Lethbridge Regional Hospital Foundation and Shelter Canada.

    Kate Miller Kate Miller

    Kate Miller loves what she does because she cares about people. We spend most of our time at work, so Kate believes that it should be productive and feel rewarding. 
    In every industry that she has worked, she has realized that people want to work hard, do well, and feel good about the work they do. She loves seeing the relief on her client's faces when they are drowning in turnover and she can help them see and fix the HR issues they are facing. 
    Kate enjoys helping a business owner address performance issues with their employee and then seeing that employee succeed with coaching and follow up. When she helps an employer become compliant with legislation, she is helping them mitigate their risk. She loves to demonstrate that a healthy culture can make work fun; enjoying the people around us and the work we do is key.
    In 2010, Kate earned her a Bachelor of Human Resources & Labour Relations Degree with a minor in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Lethbridge. During her time in university, she completed a co-op that took her to Botswana where she bottled fed baby baboons and helped spay a hyena. 
    Her next co-op was less exotic but flamed her passion for Human Resources at the Lethbridge College where she received excellent mentorship and learned so much. From there she has held two HR Manager roles in manufacturing and professional services. Both jobs did not have an existing HR program and realized the need for one. She was able to collaborate with ownership and management to create an effective HR program, increasing job satisfaction and decreasing turnover, which increases productivity and profits. 
    Kate earned a CPHR designation in 2012, which involved passing the NKE, and exam which has a high failure rate and has a requirement to be in an HR management role. This designation is kept up through learning and professional development through CPHR. 
    A love for Lethbridge motivates Kate to give back to the community. She volunteers her HR services for some select local not-for-profits.

    Mark DeBoer Mark DeBoer

    Mark DeBoer has made huge strides to be a leader in his field of accounting in both the private and the public sectors. 
    He developed to a high level through experience at BDO Canada LLP, where he was able to work with a variety of industries. His work at BDO allowed Mark to also assist other offices throughout Canada and around the world. 
    Mark has served as the Director of Corporate Services for Vulcan County. During his time at Vulcan County, Mark was able to make significant improvements specifically to the operations and finances. 
    In 2017, Mark’s career path took a different direction as he joined Lethbridge School District No.51 in his current role as the Director of Finance and FOIP Coordinator.
    In this role, Mark has received international awards for financial reporting and budgeting from The Government Finance Officers Association and the Association of School Business Officials International. During his tenure, Lethbridge School District No.51 became the first school board in Canada to be awarded the Canadian Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting. 
    Mark continually strives to simplify a complicated topic and assist parents, staff and the general public in better understanding the school board’s financials.
    In 2008, Mark earned a Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge. He followed that up by earning a Chartered Accountant designation in 2012 and subsequently a Chartered Professional Accountant designation in 2015. He has also become a Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations.
    Mark has been recognized internationally for his outstanding work in the financial field. In 2018 Mark was selected as a member of the Canadian Audit Process Tool team and had the opportunity as the only Canadian to assist the international team in the development and testing of this software in the Netherlands.

    Alan Pavan Alan Pavan

    Alan Pavan believes that hard work is an essential attribute in achieving success and self achievement and something that he embodies every day at Scenic Drive Landscape Centre. This belief in the importance of hard work lead to Alan starting a landscape installation company during his post-secondary studies. Over five years, what started as a small private business has seen significant growth.

    After Completing High School at LCI, Alan did a semester of post secondary at BYU Hawaii, after which he served a mission in Australia from 2007-2009. Upon his return, Alan picked up his post secondary education at Lethbridge College and then transferred to UofL where he completed a BSC in Kinesiology. 

    During his last year of university he had an opportunity arise where he was able to begin negotiating with Lafarge, a large Worldwide Corporation, on leasing and pricing agreements to evolve the business he had started to work his way through school into a sustainable, successful community involved business and career. 

    Sports have been a long time passion of mine Alan’s. He has been able to coach high school football at LCI and assist with a middle school basketball team. 

    Alan has also been participating as a leader for youth groups and Scouts Canada for more than eight years. As a youth who attended these programs himself, Alan can look back with appreciation for the time and effort my leaders sacrificed and see the impact and positive influence it had for him in his life. 

    Kathy Hong Kathy Hong

    Kathy Hong is passionate about sports. As Marketing and Community Liaison with the Lethbridge Hurricanes, that passion is obvious as Kathy promotes the team and shares all things Canes with our community.

    Born and raised in Lethbridge, Kathy has a strong love for the community and for those who build it. She strives to help the city grow, and to show the world what Lethbridge has to offer. She believes in supporting our small business owners to cultivate our local economy.

    In 2016, Kathy earned a combined degree with a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and a Bachelor of Management in Marketing with a Social Responsibility Minor from the University of Lethbridge. She graduated with distinction in both degrees while maintaining a full course load and working with the Lethbridge Hurricanes in a virtually full-time position as the Marketing, Game Day, and Public Relations Coordinator and volunteering with the Pronghorns Women’s Soccer Team as the Team Manager.

    During her studies, Kathy completed the Integrated Management Experience program and a six-week international work-study in Hungary with the Budapest Honved Professional Football Club.

    In 2017, Kathy started a marketing and event planning business with her friend, Kayla. Together, they have been learning the ins and outs of operating a business. Still in the growing stage, and navigating the business world as entrepreneurs, they have seen exponential growth in the first few years of their venture and hope to continue that trend.

    Kathy was asked to be the Event Coordinator for the 2019 University Cup men’s university hockey national championship. Since this was a national event, she had the opportunity to work with multiple parties across Canada to ensure the tournament ran smoothly. This meant working directly with the U SPORTS office, Sportsnet, Rogers Hometown Hockey, various university participants, and all of the local partners involved.

    Being trusted with that responsibility at just 25 years old bolstered Kathy’s confidence in her career choice. The intricate details of organizing a formidable nationally televised event, with short turnaround times, involving so many stakeholders is not something you can learn to handle in a classroom. She views it as a lesson in lifelong learning.

    Kathy is an active community member, having donated her time to organizations such as Alberta Children's Hospital, Chinook Regional Hospital, community groups providing support for domestic violence survivors, sports teams/leagues, and community groups focusing on empowering women.

    Krystal Cruickshank Krystal Cruickshank

    Krystal Cruickshank works hard to deliver an exceptional experience for her customers while always having fun! As Director, Entrepreneurship at ATB Financial she believes that life is short and if we cannot laugh while getting the business deal done, we have definitely not done all that we can do.

    Most of Krystal’s clients have become life long friends and she is so thankful to work in a community filled with so many awesome people who help her be the best that she can be. Krystal looks at ATB as “where the magic happens”.

    In 2009, Krystal earned a BComm with a Major in Finance from the University of Alberta. She a commitment to being a lifelong learner, looking to take something away from every experience she has.

    At first it was through her parent's family business in Winnipeg, learning how to count change back to customer and providing great customer service. This experience has been invaluable in her venture, Zum’s Eatery, which she co-owns in Waterton National Park.

    Krystal has been recognized through ATB as a President's League award recipient. She also won the Peak Practice award, notating top of her class.

    Krystal tries to volunteer as much as she can. Each year, she participates in decorating a tree to donate to the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation. She is also part of the Allied Arts Council board of directors and serves as a volunteer for the working committees of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta. Krystal can also usually can be found at any auction vying to 'win' whatever is being auctioned for charity…much to her husband Bob’s dismay.

    Kelly Cabrera Kelly Cabrera

    Kelly Cabrera believes in self improvement, leadership, growth and loves to take on opportunities where she can learn to better myself. This allows her to translate these changes into staff and clients lives at 4 Elements Massage Clinic.

    Kelly has been a registered massage therapist for 10 years and co-owns 4 Elements Massage Clinic with her husband, Jesús. She is proud to have been able to go from renting a room as a sole proprietorship to a large and well-known massage therapy clinic which employs more than 15 staff.

    In 2010, Kelly earned a diploma in Massage Therapy from Lethbridge College with honours. I has continued her training to include Stone Massage, many levels of Cupping Therapy, Raindrop Therapy, Shiatsu Massage for Headaches and Migraines, Advanced Stretching, and Muscle Release Techniques.

    Kelly has altered her career path to one of a leadership and coaching role to the staff at 4 Elements. She has created her own continuing education massage courses, offers workplace ergonomic seminars for productivity and health improvements, and has also taken an active interest in business coaching.

    What shapes Kelly is her drive to always learn more, develop her skills and pass them on to the next generation of massage therapists so that they can have longstanding and thriving careers.

    Kelly has worked with the Lethbridge College as a Practicum Assistant Instructor and currently sits on the Massage Therapy Diploma Program Advisory Committee.

    Giving back to the community is important to Kelly. She has been an active supporter of the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation as well as being a part of the Angel Tree campaign.

    4 Elements has an active volunteer program at the clinic where Kelly and her staff volunteer as a group to various community programs or events. They have taken part in the Animal Shelter, Parkinson's Step n Stride Event and more.

    Kaela Corazza Kaela Corazza

    As co-owner of Public Image Co., Kaela Corazza meets people every day who blow her away with their awesomeness. This motivates her to make sure that she never gives any effort less than her best. She prices herself on being honest, trustworthy, and having a positive attitude. 

    Kaela attended both Lethbridge College and Red Deer College. From a young age she had dreamt of having her own business. Her imagination ran wild, from "owing an interior design studio" and going to Rona to take home color swatches create masterpieces, to “owning a mechanic shop” in the quonset at her family home. 

    When she was 21, Kaela owned her first real business: The Rox Pub & Grill. After realizing that her passion as not in the food and beverage industry, she pursued a series of different ventures in different fields ranging from medical to accounting. 

    Eventually she found herself in sales with HBS (Home and Business Solutions). While she learned that office supply sales wasn’t the path for her, HBS was partnered with Logomotives Group. 

    At Logomotives, Kaela was able to use her creative juices (that she didn't even know existed) to help businesses, teams and other organizations to promote their brands. That is where she found her passion. 

    Kaela managed Logomotives for five years and in that time the company doubled in sales. She was proud to be a part of that achievement. Almost six years after becoming manager of Logomotives, Kaela is a partner in the re-branded Public Image Co.

    Kaela is all about community. She is a proud Rotarian as well as a member of the board of directors. She is one 1 of 100 Women Who Care and a supporter of AAWEAR. She is the founder of #BeKindYQL where they promote kindness as well as donate the funds raised through t-shirt campaigns to our local community. 

    Jefferson Gardner Jefferson Gardner

    As co-founder of TaDuler Corp., and co-founder and CEO of Inbridge Inc., Jefferson Gardner is the definition of entrepreneur. Having worked in 10 industries and seven countries, and consulted for large corporations as well as foreign government in areas of operations, strategy, marketing, automation, concept development and technology has given him a wide range of expertise to draw from.

    Jefferson is a Certified Blockchain Expert and researcher. As well he is lauded as 'one of the biggest names in blockchain and AI', putting him on the forefront of one of the most cutting-edge industries in the world today.

    In 2009, Jefferson earned his Business Admin, Management diploma from Lethbridge College. Afterward he attended Athabasca University, but in 2013 dropped out after three years to co-found TaDuler.

    TaDuler is a service for booking reputable local services. In less than a year, the company had a $5 million valuation and earned the title of “One of Calgary’s Most Promising Startups.”

    In 2018, Jefferson did it again, co-founding Inbridge Inc., a tech company which helps businesses better use their data and helps improve efficiencies; develops custom blockchain, AI and other technologies; and helps to provide education in advanced technology.

    Jefferson also works as an expert keynote speaker on emerging technologies. He has spoken at conferences with Arlene Dickenson, Ben Goertzel, Vitalik Buterin, Temple Grandin, Michele Romanow, and others.

    Jefferson believes in giving back. He has volunteered as a guest lecturer at the University of Lethbridge, Dhillon School of Business, and worked as a volunteer mentor for the Lethbridge College AgENT Program

    As a fierce advocate for mental health, Jefferson founded of Clarking, a mental health advocacy group which attempts to destigmatize mental illness. 

    Andrew Malcolm Andrew Malcolm

    Andrew Malcolm considers himself to be remarkably un-awesome, despite accomplishing so much both personally and professionally. As Urban Revitalization Manager at the City of Lethbridge, Andrew works hard to make our community a better place on a daily basis.

    Andrew’s mindset it what sets him apart. He is fully committed every day to the 10 things that require zero talent: being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coachable, doing extra, and being prepared.

    These 10 important focuses were learned through lived experience. Andrew credits his parents with being incredibly supportive growing up, without offering freebies or easy ways out. This has prepared Andrew for success. From age 13 Andrew had a job, on top of being a high-level soccer player who trained five or more times per week.

    Andrew’s teenage years consisted of working early mornings stocking inventory at the mall, days going to school, and long evenings training and playing soccer.

    In 2011, Andrew earned his BA in Urban & Regional Studies from the University of Lethbridge where he had also played for the Pronghorns men’s soccer team throughout his studies. Following the University of Lethbridge, Andrew attended Simon Frasier University where he earned Next-Generation Transportation Certificate in the field of Transportation Planning, in 2016.

    Andrew was the UofL Men’s Soccer assistant coach for six years after graduating. Currently, he sits on the Lethbridge Men’s Soccer Association Executive and the UofL Men’s Soccer Alumni Association Executive. Each year he volunteers for Operation RedNose during the holidays as a designated driver.

    However, in Andrew’s mind the biggest way that he engages with the community is every single day is by showing up to work at the City of Lethbridge. He demonstrates the culture of public service by working for the residents and businesses of our city. Through this dedication he is able to give back and make Lethbridge a better place every day.

    Ryan Vanderploeg Ryan Vanderploeg

    Ryan Vanderploeg is the manager at Shaw & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants & Bookkeepers. He is constantly focused on what he can bring to the table in order to improve whatever environment that he finds himself in.

    After growing up on a farm outside Vulcan, Ryan studied accounting at Lethbridge College where he earned his diploma in 2014. Afterward, he transferred to the University of Lethbridge, where in 2016 he earned his Bachelor of Management majoring in Accounting.

    Ryan began the CPA program immediately following university. He wrote and passed the CFE on his first attempt in only 18 months, just over half of the amount of time taken by most candidates.

    Within two years of graduating from university, Ryan had passed his CFE and was working in a leadership position as manager at Shaw & Associates. He believes that valuing hard work, always treating people with kindness, and seeking to contribute in whatever way that he can has allowed him to excel in his career in such a short period of time.

    In his spare time, Ryan sits as a board member of the Empress Theatre Society and participates in various causes through Shaw & Associates including the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

    Steve Szilagyi Steve Szilagyi

    Steve Szilagyi prides himself on setting the gold standard for client care as a Realtor with Re/Max Lethbridge. With real estate being a self-regulated industry, Steve believes that above all, being ethical in business is key to being held in high value by homebuyers.

    A lifelong athlete, Steve likes to help professional athletes prepare for “life after sport”. He works with athletes to transition from sport to life during and at the end of their careers by helping them to set up real estate portfolios and connecting them to other professionals such as investment advisors and small business experts.

    In 2009, Steve earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Lethbridge. Following that, he went on to earn a MA, also from the UofL.

    For five seasons, Steve served as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Lethbridge Hurricanes. He has also served as Strength Coach for Team Alberta Special Olympics. He has successfully been able to transfer skills from his education and developed through coaching to his real estate business.

    His background in athletics has led to Steve being the first Canadian real estate professional to join Next Move Network, a group of real estate professionals who work with professional athletes and other executive clientele.

    For six years, Steve volunteered his time with the Lethbridge Combative Sports Commission helping to regulate combat sports in Lethbridge. He was instrumental in redesigning and implementing a modern Combative Sports Commission to ensure safety of all hand to hand combatants in Lethbridge.

    Kiarra Armstrong Kiarra Armstrong

    Kiarra Armstrong looks at customer service as the most important thing to her in business.

    As the owner and founder of Elevation Wellness, she takes pride in putter her clients’ needs first. She does not just consider them clients; they are her friends.

    Raised in Manitoba, Kiarra attended the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba for two years and earned her designation as a Registered Massage Therapist. She has also earned her certification in Myofascial Cupping Therapy.

    In the spring of 2016, she made the move to Lethbridge. Kiarra has been working as a sole proprietor since the age of 19 renting out spaces to work in until 2018 when she decided that she would take the risk to start her own clinic.

    Kiarra has worked with professional athletes, cancer care patients, children and adolescents, and everyone in between.

    Opening Elevation Wellness is what Kiarra considers the biggest achievement of her career. Despite being a scary prospect to start her own business at a young age in a city that she was new to, she is a fast learner and was able to adapt to situations as they presented themselves.

    Kiarra and Elevation Wellness are involved in the community as much as she is able. She donates whenever possible to minor sports and attend local events which her clients support.

    Hillary Slusar Hillary Slusar

    Hillary Slusar loves creating an awesome team environment where everyone can grow and learn together in the company. She lives by this day to day as Operations Manager and COO at Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence. She believes that the fundamentals of a good business are the same, regardless of industry. 

    In her role, Hillary develops and implements new processes and strategies and helps her brokers to give clients the best possible experience.

    In 2015, Hillary earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Lethbridge.

    Her journey into management began at a restaurant in Lethbridge at 18. She I worked there until she graduated from University and transitioned quickly to become the Operations Manager at Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence in 2016. Shortly afterward, she became Chief Operations Officer as well.

    Hillary has established a team that has been empowered to add value to the business and build relationships with clients.

    In 2018, Hillary was named a Young Gun, one of 50 young professionals leading the industry, by Canadian Mortgage Professional, a magazine devoted to the mortgage industry. In 2019, she was recognized with a Dominion Lending Centres Unsung Hero award.

    Adam Zellweger Adam Zellweger

    Adam Zellweger pushes to stay constant day after day, year after year. He always gives his clients at  Landsperg Automotive Group sound financing and auto advice, to help rebuild and maintain great financial goals.

    In such a stereotyped industry, Adam truly strives to help his clients as they come into his office to start the sometimes stressful process of financing, credit building, and the vehicle selections.

    After taking a road trip through BC with his wife in 2007 and ending up in Tofino as a bartender, Adam was getting by, but living a simple life. When they had a baby on the way, Adam and his wife decided to return to Alberta.

    His dream was to be in media, specifically radio, and he started in St. Paul. There he worked in every aspect of the station from on-air to sales. While selling advertising, he was offered a job with a dealership and that is when it all started. From there Adam worked at dealerships from Kelowna to Cold Lake until he found himself in Lethbridge.

    In Lethbridge, Adam was offered a position of Internet Manager and Online Credit Analyst, working with Canada Drives online approvals. Adam has now spent over six years working with financial institutions, clients, and dealerships to expand his client's financing and vehicle options. In that time, Adam has set records for both monthly and annual sales and served as Canada Drives Keynote Speaker in Financing Process and Sales.

    Landon Court Landon Court

    Landon Court is a local guy, born and raised in this community. He embodies a sense of community in his business Comfort Heat & AC.

    Growing up, Landon found himself surrounded by supportive people and that’s made him feel like he needs to give back. The best way that he feels he can give back to the community is through honest business practices, exceptional customer service and volunteering his time.

    Landon completed a SAIT apprenticeship and received his journeyman red seal in 2012. In 2017, he founded Comfort Heat & AC. Lanson credits the teachers, coaches and past colleagues with playing a substantial role in his success today.

    Landon has given back by volunteering his time with coaching basketball and volleyball teams. He has also played in the 24 Hour Hockey Games for cancer research for a number of years. Through Comfort Heat & AC, Landon has also donated both his skills and a furnace to a family in need so they had a warm home.



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