• 2018 Santa's Wish List Application

    We recognize that our local non-profit organizations put a lot of time and effort into addressing needs in our community. Your hard work and dedication is very appreciated and valuable to the people of Lethbridge.

    As your Chamber, we want to promote your work and needs.

    In order to have your Wish identified through the Chamber’s Santa Wish List program and promoted to our members, please ensure that you are in alignment with the focus areas and qualification criteria. If it doesn’t meet the qualifications we will unfortunately not be able to share your organization’s needs.

    Requests can be based on these focus areas:

    1) Volunteer work, in-kind donations or funding needs are acceptable
    2) Improves the services offered by your organization
    3) Can include one-time equipment costs
    4) Impacts over 20 people
    5) Development of a sustainable program
    6) Shows a real need for support that has been challenging to obtain


    1) Must be a local non-profit or charitable organization

    2) Must NOT be requesting support for:

    a. Political services or religious advocacy
    b. Sponsorships or events
    c. Wages or salaries
    d. Medical research
    e. Individuals

    If your organization can show investment from your own resources through time or contribution, and you or your program already has a history of success, you are encouraged to participate in the Santa's Wish List Program.

    The Santa's Wish List will be compiled beginning September 1, with matching commencing Oct.3 following the official launch at Opportunity South Summit. Charitable need applications close Monday, November 19. Wishes will be promoted to the community for fulfillment throughout September to mid- December 2018. Early applications have the best chance of receiving a match. Businesses interested in supporting your cause will be encouraged to contact you and your organization directly. We cannot guarantee that a match will be made.

    Lastly, please inform us of your success with the Santa's Wish List so we can celebrate your success with you! Please let us know when all or a portion of your wish has been fulfilled, who fulfilled it and how, so we can recognize those businesses during our Christmas Business Luncheon on December 20th at the Enmax Lounge.
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