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  • Lethbridge Chamber CEO enters the new Year focused on the ‘positives’ Lethbridge Chamber CEO enters the new Year focused on the ‘positives’

    Originally Published by Lethbridge News Now

    As we enter the first few days of 2022 and we’re confronted by another wave of COVID illnesses, the CEO of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is open about the challenges of the past year but, looks to the ‘positives’ of our community.

    LNN spoke with Cyndi Vos about the struggles and challenges faced by local businesses over the past year as she offered her perspective on a troubling time.

    “You know, up until June, not being able to be connected – that in-person connection – we’re so used to being able to get together and network and hear the stories of what businesses are doing and those side-bar conversations – it was challenging to be able to do that. Also, the change of information from day to day or, even sometimes hour to hour, and making sure that access points were always available to members or to businesses, just so they knew what to expect and what was coming.”

    Vos admits it was a challenge to keep information available to businesses because sometimes, they didn’t know what was coming or what to expect.

    “And it changes so quickly – then you have someone post something on social media that might not be 100% accurate, but it spins things around and it takes time to correct the false information mess and clean it up.”

    As the Chamber CEO, it’s hard to see businesses struggle.

    “I see businesses struggling but, I also see people struggling and when people struggle, businesses struggle, so its kinda that double edged sword because there are some businesses that have been successful and have found a way to easily change their direction.”

    ” I don’t mean to use the word easy as if “that was easy’ but, they had some of the resources or tools or access so that they could get the job done.

    “And when people get tired or when people are overwhelmed, as a business owner, it’s tough when you have to look at your staff and say, – OK I need to make sure that I can help take care of you and your family, as well as mine, and lots of the mental health weight of all of this, has been challenging. So getting on the news or making statements and trying to put that smile and best foot forward attitude is tiring.”

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  • Brighter Together Survey Brighter Together Survey

    Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) and the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce are working together to survey local businesses in order to better understand and evaluate the business landscape in our region.

    We're doing things a bit different this year by offering a marketing prize package as a way to encourage participation, showcase local business and share positive messages about our city. Please fill out the last question prior to December 9th to be entered to win!

    The goal of this survey is to learn about opportunities to enhance local business services and reduce barriers to doing business that local organizations presently face. Please help us by filling out this short survey so we can:

    1) Measure the current economic climate
    2) Anticipate and recognize the challenges that our local organizations are facing
    3) Highlight and articulate our comparative advantages as a city

    We appreciate your support as we learn and adapt our strategies in order to help our city prosper and thrive.

    To partcipate in the Lethbridge Brighter Together Survey, please click on the link below.

    Lethbridge Brighter Together Survey

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