• We grow our local talent and encourage them to stay local and build their life in our community.

    Growth occurs with strong local stakeholder development and partnerships.

    The Chamber works with the local leaders of today to develop and encourage the local leaders of tomorrow.

  • We help businesses establish a strong local presence.

    The lethbridge.chambermarket.ca online store lets local retail businesses create an digital retail presence that will ensure that purchases online stay in the local economy.

  • SpendLocal with the Lethbridge Chamber
  • Lethbridge Chamber is now recruiting vendors to join on our online e-commerce store!

    Contact katherine@lethbridgechamber.com to sign up on Chamber Market. For the month of December, the Lethbridge Chamber will be covering the $25 sign up fee. 

  • We showcase the strength of our region as an Agriculture Hub using the theme Harvesting our Local Commodities.

    The Chamber highlights the many commodities of our region while being creative with the theme of locally produced products.

    Every business in our region is touched by agriculture. Find how how!

  • We feature local excitement to all our adventure seekers! Highlighting “offline” experience industries as hospitality, sport, and tourism.

    The Chamber teaches our community that you do not have to leave our amazing local environment to have world class experiences.

  • ExploreLocal with the Lethbridge Chamber