• POLICY WIN! Supporting affordable housing projects

    Alberta’s government is investing $55 million over three years so that Albertans have more access to affordable housing. 

    Alberta’s government knows that each family and individual need for affordable housing is different, and the new Affordable Housing Partnership Program will help Albertans receive the type of housing they need.

    In 2021, Alberta’s government introduced a 10-year strategy to expand affordable housing called Stronger Foundations. This strategy puts Alberta on track to increase affordable housing units by 25,000. Launching the Affordable Housing Partnership Program is a key step to ensuring housing is accessible for Albertans across the province.

    “Our government is committed to ensuring that affordable housing is accessible across the province. By partnering with housing providers, non-profit organizations, municipalities and private companies, I am confident that we will be able to address the needs of Albertans. I am thrilled to see steps being taken to help implement our 10-year affordable housing strategy, Stronger Foundations.”

    -Jeremy Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

    This is a WIN for our policy A Pathway to Fixing the Affordable Housing Crisis in Alberta.

    The Chamber had the opportunity to meet with Minister Nixon yesterday following the announcement where we expressed our gratitude for this funding, and continued to stress the need for housing affordability in our region.