• Santa's Wish List

  • **NOTE: Applications are now closed for non-profit organizations. However, matches to fulfill the submitted wishes will continue throughout the Holiday Season.**

  • Dead and Dying Tree Removal — Blackfoot Family Lodge Society Dead and Dying Tree Removal — Blackfoot Family Lodge Society

    Women's Shelter Disaster Can Be Averted With Community Support - Trees are an imminent threat to a 10-bedroom residence for Indigenous women and children transitioning from homelessness. Dead and dying trees on the west side of the residence could cause considerable damage to the house should they break and topple unto the house during the next storm.

    Dear Santa, Blackfoot Family Lodge Society has a wish for:

    • Removal of dead and dying trees


    Contact: Mary Ann Crow Healy

    Stacking Chairs — Rehabilitation Society Stacking Chairs — Rehabilitation Society

    "Please Have A Seat"

    Ability Resource Centre is a welcoming, inclusive, supportive place for adults with developmental disabilities to connect with others.

    People attend personal development classes,meet to have lunch and coffee,attend Toastmasters meetings and receive support to achieve their goals.This requires a lot of chairs which are in dire need of replacing!

    Dear Santa, Rehabilitation Society has a wish for:

    • 70-100 stackable chairs
    • Or $6500-$9000 to purchase chairs


    Contact: Paige McCann Sauter


    Meals, A Vacuum, Office Supplies, Gas Gift Cards, Volunteers, Financial Donations — Oldman Watershed Council Meals, A Vacuum, Office Supplies, Gas Gift Cards, Volunteers, Financial Donations — Oldman Watershed Council

    Wherever you are in the watershed, OWC is there - providing information and support as trusted partners in both local and provincial conversations on watershed management and health. Watershed work is people work: it is humans who impact the landscape. Even people work need funds and supplies to keep the projects going. Think of us every time you have a drink of clean H2O!

    Dear Santa, The Oldman Watershed Council has a wish for:

    • Financial Donation for operating costs
    • Meals for volunteers and staff working in the back country ($300 per event, 10 events per year)
    • A vacuum
    • Office supplies of all types
    • Gas Gift Cards to transport volunteers
    • Volunteers to plant willows along the river, garbage clean up volunteers
    • Electricians help to replace 18 light fixtures

    Contact: Diane Herrick

    Tablets, Van, Standing Desks, Moving Dolly and Volunteers — McMan Southwest Zone Tablets, Van, Standing Desks, Moving Dolly and Volunteers — McMan Southwest Zone

    We serve youth and adults who are homeless, struggle with addictions, experience mental health issues and/or have disabilities. Our 50+ employees are an amazing, smart, resilient and VERY focused on meeting the needs of more hundreds of people in need each year.

    Dear Santa, McMan Southwest Zone has a wish for:

    • Tablets: We meet our clients in the community and there are often teachable moments (like showing them a video about how to find an apartment or how to be a good tenant etc. Tablets would make a huge difference in bringing more resources to our clients.
    • New Van (big ask, we know!): We have an old van that has broken down in winter with clients and staff inside.
    • Standing desks
    • Moving dolly with flat deck
    • In-house IT support (volunteer)


    Contact: Ashlynne Van Buuren

    Holiday Party — Youth One Holiday Party — Youth One

    Every year we throw an epic Holiday party for our youth. We gather around the table, encourage one another, and build community. Our youth don't get this type of celebration at home, so we'd love to partner with a local business to create this exciting moment at Youth One!

    Dear Santa, Youth One has a wish for:

    • A Christmas Party for Youth in Need
    • Cash Donations


    Contact: Lindsay French

    Unwrapped Gifts — YWCA of Lethbridge Unwrapped Gifts — YWCA of Lethbridge

    YWCA Lethbridge enhances the lives of women by providing programs and services that empower them, support equality and promote wellness of mind, body and spirit.

    Adopt a Stocking of Hope! In 2017 YWCA Stockings of Hope ensured over 180 local women and families enjoyed a gift at Christmas time.

    Purchase new, unwrapped gifts for women and children in need.

    Dear Santa, YWCA Lethbridge has a wish for:

    • Unwrapped gifts for women and children in need


    Contact: Nancy Stuart


    Plot of Land or Financial Donations — Farming Smarter Association Plot of Land or Financial Donations — Farming Smarter Association

    Farming Smarter offers the Lethbridge community a window into modern agriculture and brings our unique perspective to both urban and rural citizens in the region. For our rural clients, our events also offer them an opportunity to spend time in the city doing business and “kill two birds with one stone.” 

    Dear Santa, Farming Smarter Association has a wish for:

    • Donation of land
    • Cash donations


    Contact: Jamie Puchinger

    Pet Supplies & Financial Donations — Last Chance Cat Ranch Pet Supplies & Financial Donations — Last Chance Cat Ranch

    The Last Chance Cat Ranch is the largest cat rescue south of Calgary. We take homeless cats from Lethbridge and area, Ft. McLeod, Coaldale, Taber, Coalhurst, Raymond, Enchant, Vauxhall and all small communities in the area. We receive no funding from the City of Lethbridge or any other community. We are 100% Volunteer run and have to funderaise for every penny.

    Dear Santa, The Last Chance Cat Ranch has a wish for:

    • Pet Supplies
    • Cash Donations


    Contact: Elizabeth Ginn

    Pet Supplies, Volunteers, Pet Supplies — Windy City Canine Rescue Pet Supplies, Volunteers, Pet Supplies — Windy City Canine Rescue

    Windy City Canine is dedicated to helping our community by taking in unwanted or stray dogs in Southern Alberta. Since inception, we have helped over 500 dogs find their forever homes! We are committed to ensuring all dogs are fully vetted (spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated) prior to adoption.

    Windy City Canine Rescue is a 100% volunteer based group working to help dogs in need of a new home. Our goal is to make sure that a dog that has already had one family, finds his/her perfect match this time around.

    Dear Santa, Windy City Canine Rescue has a wish for:

    • Financial donations for veterinary care
    • Volunteers (2-3 hours for various adoption events)
    • Various Pet Supplies (leashes, collars, bowls)
    • Dog Food

    Contact: Kelly Gray

    Space, Supplies and Chairs — TechBridge Makerspace Space, Supplies and Chairs — TechBridge Makerspace

    Techbridge Makerspace is a non-profit organization with the primary focus being on providing community workspace and educational opportunities, place to make things, place to learn new things, place to share and collaborate, place where other organizations can meet (Scouts or Cubs to work on a project, host robotics competitions). TechBridge Makerspace is establishing a facility where community members can come work on projects if they don’t have space or tools at home. We will teach and coordinate classes for children, adults and seniors. There are community members that have expertise to share and we have much interest in the facility and programs but need to a place to bring it together.

    Dear Santa, TechBridge Makerspace has a wish for:

    • A building - or a room or two - in which we can set up a classroom and shop 
    • Robotics kits or raspberry pi’s for teaching robotics/programming classes for kids
    • Cameras or shop tools in good condition for classes or community members or groups using the space
    • A dozen or two chairs.


    Contact: Jeffrey Jansens

    Painting Service — La Cité des Prairies Painting Service — La Cité des Prairies

    La Cité des Prairies' mission is to provide a gathering place to celebrate and share the Francophone cultures while meeting the needs of an evolving community.

    La Cité des Prairies has been trying to repaint his Centre for a few years now but since it is a non profit organization money has been a challenge. La Cité des Prairies would love to offer a beautiful and well maintain hall for his many activities. The community Centre is 8 years old now and we believe that our community deserve a inviting space for many more years.

    Dear Santa, La Cité des Prairies has a wish for:

    • Repaint the first floor of our community Centre

    Contact: Valerie Fortin



    Elder Patrol Scooter — The SAGE Clan Patrol Elder Patrol Scooter — The SAGE Clan Patrol

    SAGE Clan Patrol is a grass roots initiative new to the community that will serve as a positive force for the promotion of safety and the prevention of harm, with a particular emphasis on the protection of women and children.

    The SAGE Clan will provide a year round positive physical presence in in a non-violent, no confrontational and non-judgmental interaction with all community members on the streets. Patrol members shall coordinate with partner agencies as necessary to ensure the protection and safety of vulnerable and exploited persons.

    The Patrol demonstrates a way of being that works in harmony with the broader community rather than in conflict with it and in a relationship that encourages rather than seeking to defeat leadership as it emerges at a local level. The concept behind the Sage Clan Patrol, is community people working with the community to provide personal security in the city of Lethbridge in a non-threatening, non-violent, non-judgmental way.

    Dear Santa, The SAGE Clan Patrol has a wish for:

    • Elder Patrol Scooter (electric). The SAGE Clan hopes to acquire a Scooter that will enable Elder Volunteer’s to participate, provide cultural support and contribute to the walks. The scooter will be used weekly and seasonally throughout the year.
    • Or a $7,000 donation to purchase the scooter

    Contact: Treena Tallow
    403 892-6556

    Van or Financial Donation — cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta Van or Financial Donation — cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta

    We have to travel every time in Alberta and we have to rent a van for it. it's a big deal for our non profit organisation and buy a car it's impossible. So if we may have a Van to travel and bring all our staff it will be a great opportunity for us and if we may have advertise on it it should be great too (like advertise from our Santa :)) we know it's a big wish.

    Dear Santa, cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta has a wish for:

    • Donation of a van
    • Cash donation to aid in purchasing a van


    Contact: Jeremy Lebon

    Van or Financial Donation — SASHA Supportive Living Van or Financial Donation — SASHA Supportive Living

    Residential support for adults with mental illness. Recreation and leisure activities. Support and advocacy with psychiatrist, pharmacy and mental health therapist visits. In home visits to ensure medications are taken, personal and home care is maintained. Transport clients to grocery stores, appointments, and recreation outings.

    Cat Survived...The Van Did Not... passing through a drive way the cat ran out in front of her… she swerved to miss the cat and accidentally side swiped the house. Good news is the cat survived! So did the staff! She felt terrible and cried as she called our Team Lead to report this. We were glad that she was okay. The van is replaceable…

    Dear Santa, SASHA Supporting Living has a wish for:

    • A van for client transport
    • $7070 matching the insurance refund to replace client transport van


    Contact: Sherri Koskewich

    Volunteer Time — Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer Time — Big Brothers Big Sisters

    What can you do in an hour? Change a life. Studies show mentoring helps kids stay in school and grow up having more respect for family, peers and community. You and your Little can do so much in an hour or just hang out! We are looking for mentors for youth 6-15 doing non-academic activities in the childs school, during school hours. Start something BIG!

    Dear Santa: Big Brothers Big Sisters has a wish for:

    • Volunteer time: 1 hour per week at participating schools (January till May)


    Contact: Jen Visser

    Tools for Community Garden — Environment Lethbridge Council Tools for Community Garden — Environment Lethbridge Council

    Environment Lethbridge inspires community action towards sustainability.

    We support the Lethbridge Community Garden Network, an umbrella group for community gardens across the city. Community gardens provide opportunities for people to grow food, learn about gardening and meet their neighbours. All of the community gardens are managed entirely by volunteers with very small budgets for tools and garden supplies.

    Dear Santa, Environment Lethbridge Council has a wish for:

    • Garden hoses and hand-held spray nozzles
    • Gloves for youth
    • Plastic buckets
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Garden tools such as shovels and rakes

    Contact: Kathleen Sheppard


    Equipment or Financial Donations — Lethbridge Minor Softball Association Equipment or Financial Donations — Lethbridge Minor Softball Association

    The Lethbridge Minor Softball Association is a non-profit organization which offers programs for Lethbridge and area youth to participate in the sport of Softball. Boys and girls from the age of five to nineteen are eligible to play.

    BRING BACK THE SPORT OF SOFTBALL TO LETHBRIDGE! That is our motto and mission right now! Our main focus is to encourage youth especially GIRLS to try softball! We strive ourselves as a group that is VERY affordable for everyone and would like to keep it that way and so we rely on donations and fundraising to provide us with bigger purchases that can improve the overall quality of training and instruction to our players. As well all of our board members and coaches are VOLUNTEERS who love the sport and hope to pass it along to the children. We also all believe in the aspect of giving back to the community as all the volunteers have in some way participated in this sport and hope to be able to bring the joy to others as well as the community of Lethbridge by bringing in competitions and entertainment. We are a group of people who love to promote sport and wellness as well as teach good sportsmanship, dedication, healthy competition and team work to boys and girls within Lethbridge.

    Dear Santa, Lethbridge Minor Softball Association has a wish for: 

    • New equipment such as new bats, bases, equipment bags along
    • A batting cage with a pitching machine.
    • Financial Donations of up to $1,000 to assist us in purchasing 

    Contact: Jennifer Drader

    Food and Veterinary Care for Cats — Lethbridge PAW Society Food and Veterinary Care for Cats — Lethbridge PAW Society

    Lethbridge PAW Society was incorporated in 1999 and became a registered charity in 2002. Assist the public with the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, homeless or unwanted cats (intake space is based on foster home availability). Spay or neuter, vaccinate and provide other necessary health care for cats accepted in to the PAW rescue program.

    Help keep our doors open! The PAW Society has rescued and rehomed more than 3000 cats over the twenty years of its existence. Our target intake are stray and abandoned cats. We help everyone in the community, whether they are cat-friendly or not, by resolving cat issues in neighbourhoods. We inisit on indoor only homes!

    Dear Santa, Lethbridge PAW Society has a wish for:

    • Food for cats
    • Veterinary care for cats
    • $5000 to help with food and veterinary care for cats in the PAW Society's rescue programs


    Audrey Audette

    LED Signage — Immanuel Lutheran Church LED Signage — Immanuel Lutheran Church

    Immanuel Lutheran Church is a Christian organization called by God to lead people to love God and one another, to build a heathy community of disciples in Christ Jesus, and to serve others. We have faithfully been serving our community for over 100 years.

    We are asking for monetary donations to upgrade our existing sign to LED lighting. The cost is upwards of $12,000. Immanuel Lutheran Church is open to cost sharing this purchase. In kind donations of time for installation would also be appreciated.

    Upgraded signage is needed in order to publicize community events. Some examples are: voting location, school concerts. We run a preschool and advertise registration dates and open house. Regular Worship and Christian Education opportunities occurring both onsite and off-site are publicized.

    Dear Santa, Immanuel Lutheran Church has a wish for:

    • LED Sign
    • Donation of time for installation
    • OR up to $12,000 cash donation to upgrade existing sign to LED


    Contact: Rita Boltezar

    Flooring, Roofing and Financial Donations — 5th on 5th Youth Services Flooring, Roofing and Financial Donations — 5th on 5th Youth Services

    DEDICATED TO YOUTH IN LETHBRIDGE AND AREA- 5th on 5th Youth Services has been serving youth in Lethbridge and area since 1994. We support young people as they pursue their goals from their first jobs to career paths. Our small but dedicated team always exceeds our outcome expectations in our programs and is focused on meeting the needs of hundreds of youth each year! We own our building and are at a time looking to enhance and repair it so we can continue to offer our services for years to come!

    The mission of 5th on 5th Youth Services is to support youth, through programs and services, in becoming responsible, capable, and caring individuals by providing opportunities to pursue goals in: Academic Development, Career Development, Social Development, or Employment

    Dear Santa, 5th on 5th Youth Services has a wish for:

    • Approximately 13,000 sq. ft of new flooring
    • Cash donations
    • New roof!

    Contact: Trevor Brown


    Bus Passes, Baby Supplies, Financial Donations — Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre Bus Passes, Baby Supplies, Financial Donations — Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre

    "I'm pregnant." Over half of Canadian women have had an unplanned pregnancy, and for many of them that can be a very scary time, especially if they feel that they are alone. The LPCC is here to make sure that no woman has to make this life-changing decision alone through providing information on all three options, as well as tangible and emotional support afterwards, regardless of the decision made. All of our services are delivered in a caring, non-judgmental environment and are free and confidential.

    Dear Santa, Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre has a wish for:

    • Cash donations, for ongoing programming
    • Bus passes (single ride or 10-passes) for our clients to be able to get to appointments
    • Disposable diapers (particularly the larger sizes)
    • Infant formula

    Contact: Monica Loewen

    Volunteer Appreciation Gifts — Lethbridge Senior Citizens' Organization Volunteer Appreciation Gifts — Lethbridge Senior Citizens' Organization

    The LSCO offers programs and services that encourage wellbeing and independence for older adults and seniors. We work to provide adults with opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge, to experience a sense of meaning and purpose and to feel less isolation and greater connection with their community.

    LSCO has over 300 very committed volunteers, many of whom volunteer for over 200 hours each year! I'd love to be able to recognize them with small tokens through the year, but my budget is small. Thank you for considering our request!

    Dear Santa, LSCO has a wish for:

    • Some small volunteer appreciation gifts (gift cards, movie passes, shelf stable consumable items).

    Contact: Chelsea Sherbut

    Financial Donations & Volunteers — Family Centre Financial Donations & Volunteers — Family Centre

    At this time, Family Centre is in need of financial donations to continue to offer quality programming for Southwestern AB families. Monetary donations will be spent on materials, equipment and supplies required to run our low to no cost daily programs. Replacing our safety gate is also a high priorty as is new photo printing equipment for our annual free Santa photos!

    Dear Santa, Family Centre has a wish for:

    • Volunteers
    • Cash Donations
    • Photo printing equipment
    • Safety Gate


    Kristy Vassell
    403-320-4232 ext.207

    Financial Donations — Wood's Homes Financial Donations — Wood's Homes

    MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OUR YOUTH -- As the temperature plummets we think about the importance of home - where it is warm and safe. Today there are many young people who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless in this community. Wood’s Homes has been working with this population since 2003 when it first opened its doors as an Emergency Youth Shelter.

    Dear Santa, Wood's Homes has a wish for:

    • Cash Donations


    Contact: Coleen Campbell

    Financial Donations — U of L Conservatory of Music Financial Donations — U of L Conservatory of Music

    We are very invested in our community. We offer music programming in senior’s home, to students with developmental needs, and to many students with financial limitations. It is so important to us that musical opportunities be inclusive and available to everyone; Music should not be just for the affluent. With more financial bursaries for our students, we can do that!

    Dear Santa, U of L Conservatory of Music has a wish for:

    • Financial Donations


    Contact: Breeanne Fuller

    Financial Donations, Merchandise or Gift Cards — Career Transitions Financial Donations, Merchandise or Gift Cards — Career Transitions

    Career Transitions coordinates numerous free career exploration programs/events for middle and high school students. Now in its 18th year, the Southwest Regional Skills Canada competition serves over 100 students annually. We partner with Lethbridge College and industry professionals to deliver this quality event.

    Promoting Skilled Trades through Skills Canada - Do you enjoy dining at good restaurants or buying sweet treats at your local bakery? Have you ever needed a skilled carpenter to take on a project or a cabinet maker to custom build some furniture? If so, consider supporting Career Transitions in their efforts to promote skilled trades as awesome career pathways for our youth. Donations of cash or merchandise will be used to reward students who demonstrate talent and interest in the trades and help them to prepare for a successful career. We know that local businesses are very interested in making investments in youth, and we believe that an investment in career development will help to build a strong future workforce. Please check out our website – www.careersteps.ca/skills

    Dear Santa, Career Transitions has a wish for:

    • Cash donations of $50 - $150 or Gift Cards/merchandise to be used as prizes for our Skills Canada competitors in Cabinet Making, Carpentry, Culinary and Baking.


    Contact: Judy Stolk-Ingram

    Financial Donation — West Wind Gymnastics Club Financial Donation — West Wind Gymnastics Club

    Competitive Teams & Recreational Gymnastics including classes, camps, field trips and birthday parties.

    Give the gift of gymnastics cheer to all this year!! West Wind Gymnastics is looking for financial assistance for schools, so they can participate in extra curricular activities. Sadly, only about 25% of children get enough physical exercise. Time and financial limitations prevent families from being able to enroll their children in extra curricular activities. Gymnastics support positive health, social skills among peers, and provides a positive outlet for children - just to name a few of the benefits. West Wind Gymnastics is the only club in the Lethbridge Area that offers gymnastics field trips. Sponsors will be recognized and advertised in the monthly gym newsletters as well as in the school newsletter. West Winds will promote the sponsors as well on our website and our Facebook page with links to the sponsor pages. Senator Buchanan has a total of 11 classes from grades 1-5. West Winds is willing to host these field trips for a flat rate of $150 and it costs $95 for the r

    Dear Santa, West Wind Gymnastics Club has a wish for:

    • A total of $2,695 to go towards every class from grade 1-5 at Senator Buchanan Elementary School to participate in physical literacy

    Contact: Kelli Parsons

    Financial Donation — Volunteer Lethbridge Financial Donation — Volunteer Lethbridge

    Volunteer Lethbridge connects and convenes individuals, groups, and organizations to champion and leverage capacity across sectors. The nonprofit voluntary sector is a significant contributor in building community. Having a data platform where Volunteer Lethbridge staff can effectively collect data will streamline processes to increase workplan efficiencies.

    We connect people, groups and organizations; We convene people and organizations; We leverage the capacity of organizations across sectors; We champion volunteering and the nonprofit voluntary sector

    Dear Santa, Volunteer Lethbridge has a wish for:

    • $1000.00 financial donation to purchase 1-year of a data platform that tracks Volunteer Lethbridge services.

    Contact: Diana Sim

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