• Santa's Wish List

  • Dead and Dying Tree Removal — Blackfoot Family Lodge Society Dead and Dying Tree Removal — Blackfoot Family Lodge Society

    Women's Shelter Disaster Can Be Averted With Comuninity Support - Trees are an imminent threat to a 10-bedroom residence for Indigenous women and children transitioning from homelessness. Dead and dying trees on the west side of the residence could cause considerable damage to the house should they break and topple unto the house during the next storm.

    Dear Santa, Blackfoot Family Lodge Society has a wish for:

    • Removal of dead and dying trees

    Contact: Mary Ann Crow Healy

    Stacking Chairs — Rehabilitation Society Stacking Chairs — Rehabilitation Society

    "Please Have A Seat"

    Ability Resource Centre is a welcoming, inclusive, supportive place for adults with developmental disabilities to connect with others.

    People attend personal development classes,meet to have lunch and coffee,attend Toastmasters meetings and receive support to achieve their goals.This requires a lot of chairs which are in dire need of replacing!

    Dear Santa, Rehabilitation Society has a wish for:

    • 70-100 stakable chairs
    • Or $6500-$9000 to purchase chairs

    Contact: Paige McCann Sauter


    Meals, A Vacuum, Office Supplies, Gas Gift Cards, Volunteers, Financial Donations — Oldman Watershed Council Meals, A Vacuum, Office Supplies, Gas Gift Cards, Volunteers, Financial Donations — Oldman Watershed Council

    Wherever you are in the watershed, OWC is there - providing information and support as trusted partners in both local and provincial conversations on watershed management and health. Watershed work is people work: it is humans who impact the landscape. Even people work need funds and supplies to keep the projects going. Think of us every time you have a drink of clean H2O!

    Dear Santa, The Oldman Watershed Council has a wish for:

    • Financial Donation for operating costs
    • Meals for volunteers and staff working in the back country ($300 per event, 10 events per year)
    • A vacuum
    • Office supplies of all types
    • Gas Gift Cards to transport volunteers
    • Volunteers to plant willows along the river, garbage clean up volunteers

    Contact: Diane Herrick

    Tablets, Van, Standing Desks, Moving Dolly and Volunteers — McMan Southwest Zone Tablets, Van, Standing Desks, Moving Dolly and Volunteers — McMan Southwest Zone

    We serve youth and adults who are homeless, struggle with addictions, experience mental health issues and/or have disabilities. Our 50+ employees are an amazing, smart, resilient and VERY focused on meeting the needs of more hundreds of people in need each year.

    Dear Santa, McMan Southwest Zone has a wish for:

    • Tablets: We meet our clients in the community and there are often teachable moments (like showing them a video about how to find an apartment or how to be a good tenant etc. Tablets would make a huge difference in bringing more resources to our clients.
    • New Van (big ask, we know!): We have an old van that has broken down in winter with clients and staff inside.
    • Standing desks
    • Moving dolly with flat deck
    • In-house IT support (volunteer)

    Contact: Ashlynne Van Buuren



    Holiday Party — Youth One Holiday Party — Youth One

    Every year we throw an epic Holiday party for our youth. We gather around the table, encourage one another, and build community. Our youth don't get this type of celebration at home, so we'd love to partner with a local business to create this exciting moment at Youth One!

    Dear Santa, Youth One has a wish for:

    • A Christmas Party for Youth in Need
    • Cash Donations

    Contact: Lindsay French

    Plot of Land or Financial Donations — Farming Smarter Association Plot of Land or Financial Donations — Farming Smarter Association

    Farming Smarter offers the Lethbridge community a window into modern agriculture and brings our unique perspective to both urban and rural citizens in the region. For our rural clients, our events also offer them an opportunity to spend time in the city doing business and “kill two birds with one stone.” 

    Dear Santa, Farming Smarter Association has a wish for:

    • Donation of land
    • Cash donations

    Contact: Jamie Puchinger

    Pet Supplies & Financial Donations — Last Chance Cat Ranch Pet Supplies & Financial Donations — Last Chance Cat Ranch

    The Last Chance Cat Ranch is the largest cat rescue south of Calgary. We take homeless cats from Lethbridge and area, Ft. McLeod, Coaldale, Taber, Coalhurst, Raymond, Enchant, Vauxhall and all small communities in the area. We receive no funding from the City of Lethbridge or any other community. We are 100% Volunteer run and have to funderaise for every penny.

    Dear Santa, The Last Chance Cat Ranch has a wish for:

    • Pet Supplies
    • Cash Donations

    Contact: Elizabeth Ginn


    Van or Financial Donation — cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta Van or Financial Donation — cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta

    We have to travel every time in Alberta and we have to rent a van for it. it's a big deal for our non profit organisation and buy a car it's impossible. So if we may have a Van to travel and bring all our staff it will be a great opportunity for us and if we may have advertise on it it should be great too (like advertise from our Santa :)) we know it's a big wish.

    Dear Santa, cIneMAGINE Society of Alberta has a wish for:

    • Donation of a van
    • Cash donation to aid in purchasing a van

    Contact: Jeremy Lebon



    Van or Financial Donation — SASHA Supportive Living Van or Financial Donation — SASHA Supportive Living

    Residential support for adults with mental illness. Recreation and leisure activities. Support and advocacy with psychiatrist, pharmacy and mental health therapist visits. In home visits to ensure medications are taken, personal and home care is maintained. Transport clients to grocery stores, appointments, and recreation outings.

    Cat Survived...The Van Did Not... passing through a drive way the cat ran out in front of her… she swerved to miss the cat and accidentally side swiped the house. Good news is the cat survived! So did the staff! She felt terrible and cried as she called our Team Lead to report this. We were glad that she was okay. The van is replaceable…

    Dear Santa, SASHA Supporting Living has a wish for:

    • A van for client transport
    • $7070 matching the insurance refund to replace client transport van

    Volunteer Time — Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer Time — Big Brothers Big Sisters

    What can you do in an hour? Change a life. Studies show mentoring helps kids stay in school and grow up having more respect for family, peers and community. You and your Little can do so much in an hour or just hang out! We are looking for mentors for youth 6-15 doing non-academic activities in the childs school, during school hours. Start something BIG!

    Dear Santa: Big Brothers Big Sisters has a wish for:

    • Volunteer time: 1 hour per week at participating schools (January till May)

    Jen Visser

    Financial Donations & Volunteers — Family Centre Financial Donations & Volunteers — Family Centre

    At this time, Family Centre is in need of financial donations to continue to offer quality programming for Southwestern AB families. Monetary donations will be spent on materials, equipment and supplies required to run our low to no cost daily programs. Replacing our safety gate is also a high priorty as is new photo printing euipment for our annual free Santa photos!

    Dear Santa, Family Centre has a wish for:

    • Volunteers
    • Cash Donations

    Kristy Vassell
    403-320-4232 ext.207

    Financial Donations — Wood's Homes Financial Donations — Wood's Homes

    MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OUR YOUTH -- As the temperature plummets we think about the importance of home - where it is warm and safe. Today there are many young people who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless in this community. Wood’s Homes has been working with this population since 2003 when it first opened its doors as an Emergency Youth Shelter.

    Dear Santa, Wood's Homes has a wish for:

    • Cash Donations

    Contact: Coleen Campbell

    Financial Donations — U of L Conservatory of Music Financial Donations — U of L Conservatory of Music

    We are very invested in our community. We offer music programming in senior’s home, to students with developmental needs, and to many students with financial limitations. It is so important to us that musical opportunities be inclusive and available to everyone; Music should not be just for the affluent. With more financial bursaries for our students, we can do that!

    Dear Santa, U of L Conservatory of Music has a wish for:

    • Financial Donations

    Contact: Breeanne Fuller


  • We recognize that our local non-profit organizations put a lot of time and effort into addressing needs in our community. Your hard work and dedication is very appreciated and valuable to the people of Lethbridge.
    As your Chamber, we want to promote your work and needs. 
    In order to have your Wish identified through the Chamber’s Santa Wish List program and promoted to our members, please ensure that you are in alignment with the focus areas and qualification criteria. If it doesn’t meet the qualifications we will unfortunately not be able to share your organization’s needs.
    Requests can be based on these focus areas: 
    1) Volunteer work, in-kind donations or funding needs are acceptable
    2) Improves the services offered by your organization
    3) Can include one-time equipment costs
    4) Impacts over 20 people
    5) Development of a sustainable program
    6) Shows a real need for support that has been challenging to obtain
    1) Must be a local non-profit or charitable organization
    2) Must NOT be requesting support for:
    a. Political services or religious advocacy 
    b. Sponsorships or events
    c. Wages or salaries
    d. Medical research
    e. Individuals
    If your organization can show investment from your own resources through time or contribution, and you or your program already has a history of success, you are encouraged to participate in the Santa's Wish List Program.
    The Santa's Wish List will be compiled beginning September 1, with matching commencing Oct.3 following the official launch at Opportunity South Summit. Charitable need applications close Monday, November 19. Wishes will be promoted to the community for fulfillment throughout September to mid- December 2018. Early applications have the best chance of receiving a match. Businesses interested in supporting your cause will be encouraged to contact you and your organization directly. We cannot guarantee that a match will be made.
    Lastly, please inform us of your success with the Santa's Wish List so we can celebrate your success with you! Please let us know when all or a portion of your wish has been fulfilled, who fulfilled it and how, so we can recognize those businesses during our Christmas Business Luncheon on December 20th at the Enmax Lounge