• Questions for Candidates

  • The Lethbridge Chamber has submitted eight questions to Federal Candidates. We encourage you to ask these questions when someone is knocking at your door!

    1. How will your party support greater and easier interprovincial trade? Would the Canadian-wide implementation of the Trade, Investment & Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) or something similar be a viable option?
    2. What is your party’s strategy to support economic growth and activity in Lethbridge as we look to the future?
    3. What will your party do to establish clarity and certainty in regulatory processes to aid timely decisions regarding critical Canadian infrastructure projects in the public interest?
    4. What role do businesses play in addressing climate change in your party’s opinion?
    5. What is your party’s plan to address the drug crisis?
    6. Does your party support creating market and regionally specific mortgage rules?
    7. How much  importance does your party place on the need for pipelines to get Canadian oil to market in the most effective way?
    8. How does your party plan to address the impact of Canada’s current trade relationship with China and what strategies does your party have in place to mitigate or take advantage of the effects of this in the interim?