• Lethbridge Chamber Supports Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval

    The Government of Canada announced the approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This is a positive development that is projected to invest $46.7 billion into the Canadian economy over the next 20 years which will in turn create jobs and economic prosperity that Canadians rely on.
    Green lightening this project will provide revenue as Alberta is projected to receive $19.4 billion from the Project. The result of this will be opportunities for families, jobs, infrastructure and the ability to bring marginalized families into the fold.
    “Alberta’s ability to unlock its oil to world markets will contribute to the future of our economic success as a province but also have positive economic impacts for Lethbridge,” said Cyndi Vos, Executive Officer of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. “While Lethbridge has a diverse economy, the revenue provided by this industry will find its way back to Lethbridge by way of employment and other options.” 
    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce looks forward to seeing the different levels of government working together to ensure that construction and other trade-enabling infrastructure commences later this year.