• Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Attends Farm, Freedom and Safety Townhall

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce had the opportunity to meet with Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry at the Farm, Freedom and Safety Townhall hosted by MLA Nathan Neudorf, yesterday.
    “It is an incredible opportunity to be able to have time with Minister Dreeshen and ensure our voice is being heard on behalf of our members and Lethbridge as a whole,” said Cyndi Vos, Executive Director, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. 
    Since 2016, the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce has advocated for comprehensive consultation with farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, and other stakeholders on how to best balance the unique economic pressures of farming with a need for a common sense and flexible farm safety regime. Most recently, our policy, “Workers’ Compensation Board Coverage for Farm and Ranch Workers,” was adopted by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce at the annual general meeting which took place in Camrose, Alberta in May.
    Vos applauds Minister Dreeshen for taking the the opportunity to discuss concerns with the agricultural industry and is optimistic that the appropriate action will be taken once consultations are complete.  
    “To ensure Alberta’s economy has a strong foundation, business and government must work together to support evidence-based policies,” said Vos. As Lethbridge’s business advocate, the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is committed to working with government to ensure public policies introduced contribute to a competitive business environment as well as the economic and social well-bring of our province.”