• #HireTogetherYQL

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Economic Development Lethbridge along with the Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge are launching #HireTogetherYQL. The campaign, while similar to the previous campaign of #ShopTogetherYQL, is aimed at opening the discussion between employers and employees as well as embracing the community brand, Lethbridge Brighter Together.

    The recent results from the Brighter Together Business Survey conducted by the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Lethbridge, indicated that many local businesses feel that workforce availability and qualification is a potential barrier to further growth.  With help from the University and the College, this campaign will open the dialogue to uncover what specific skills are required by local employers and provide opportunities for job seekers in the area to identify how they can help.

    “Many people were surprised by the feedback from the survey and we knew we needed to keep the conversation going around our workforce needs”, says Cyndi Vos, Executive Officer, Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. “With two post-secondary education institutions, we are lucky to have access to resources in the community to provide support for our business community.”

    Kerry Godfrey, Dean of the Dhillon School at the University of Lethbridge added, “The Dhillon School wants to help small, medium and large employers to network and build relationships with our students and alumni. We are developing new programming designed to specifically provide employers and employees with cost-effective solutions to meet their workforce development needs.”

    The campaign which launches on Monday, March 2, 2020 is asking businesses looking for employees to share posts and pictures on social media. For the jobseekers in the community, this provides an opportunity to share their skills and to talk about the kind of work environment they want to work in. This conversation is a great way to uncover the necessary skills and to highlight some great experiences we’ve all had in the Lethbridge labour market.  Everyone can participate!

    “Workforce is one of the areas we always talk about as an advantage for our area,” says Trevor Lewington, CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge. “When compared with other areas, Lethbridge has one the most youthful workforces in the country.”

    As with the last campaign, prizes will be offered.  A $500 value to those job seekers will be offered and employers will be provided with complimentary training for their employees.  All you have to do is post on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and use the #HireTogetherYQL hashtag.

    “Lethbridge College has always been driven to provide programming and opportunities that meet our region’s social and economic needs.” Says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. “We are continuing that work as one of seven partners in a regional skills gap study that will allow us to understand the local labour market at an even deeper level. It will also be a way to further guide how we can support both industry and students.” 

    The #HireTogetherYQL contest will close at 5:00pm on Thursday April 30th. Contest winners will be announced on social media.