• Chamber attends Political Action Day

    The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce recently returned from Political Action Day in Edmonton. Political Action Day, which is hosted by the Alberta Chamber of Commerce, brings together Alberta Chambers of Commerce and Members of Legislative Assembly, the individuals who are directly responsible for the execution and administration of the government’s policies and priorities. 
    The Chamber of Commerce was honoured to have had the opportunity to connect with action drivers, and enjoy face-to-face conversation in a roundtable setting. Each roundtable, hosted by a Member of the Legislative Assembly, was abuzz, enabling an informal exchange of ideas, concerns, and opinions with the Alberta governments top officials. 
    The Mission of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is to create the best environment for doing business. Your voice being heard at all levels of government is integral in our efforts to protect and improve key business conditions related to areas such as economic competitiveness, workforce issues, taxes, economic development, and more. 
    As we prepare to enter the second year of our Strategic Plan, we look forward to continuing to actively advocate for the key issues that are impacting our local community. Your role in this is vital and we encourage you to reach out to our staff, participate in our surveys, and join our committees and task forces to ensure that we are the strongest voice possible when representing membership locally, provincially, and nationally.