• Lethbridge Commercial & Industrial Development Study

    Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) has retained the services of MXD Development Strategists (MXD) to undertake a comprehensive “Commercial and Industrial Development Study”. The study area encapsulates the entire City of Lethbridge, as well as the urban fringe between the City and County. An important part of the project is discussions with key stakeholders that will assist MXD to better understand the current state of the region and how to best meet the needs of existing businesses, educational institutions, and public entities while preparing the way for growth. This project is designed to evaluate the growth of commercial and industrial industries over the next 20 years in the Lethbridge region. This includes the retail, office, hotel, and industrial asset classes. The MXD team will analyze the demand for each asset class, and examine where growth should occur in the Lethbridge region to achieve sustainability from a planning, real estate, social, and transportation perspective.

    We are strong believers that local stakeholder information is key in a regional long-term planning study such as this. Questionnaires are to be solely conducted by MXD, and any answers would be held in upmost confidence. While stakeholders interviewed will be noted in the introduction of our report, results would be entirely anonymous. Please submit all Questionnaires to andrew@mxddevelopment.com

    For any questions regarding this study or the stakeholder process Client Project Manager, Mike Prociw, can be contacted at Economic Development Lethbridge at 403-332-6056 or mike@chooselethbridge.ca