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  • Education to Work Program

    The Lethbridge Chamber has partnered with our local educational institutes to create the Education to Work program. These positions can help you round out your workforce while giving students valuable learning opportunities.

  • Off-Campus Education Off-Campus Education

    Off-Campus Education Programs provide opportunities for high school students to apply skills in a real life situation.

    Offered in high school, these programs play an important role in assisting student’s transition into the work force and post-secondary education while attaining their high school diploma.

    These programs are partnerships between students, school and community members. They allow the students to explore and expand their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work situations.

    Off-Campus Education programs allows students to: earn high school credits (1 credits for every 25 hours worked), explore careers, make valuable contacts and acquire the skills and work habits needed to succeed after high school.

  • Green Certificate Program Green Certificate Program

    The Green Certificate Program is an apprenticeship-style program that allows students, who live and work in agriculture, the opportunity to earn credits towards their high school diploma. They will also obtain an industry recognized certificate from Alberta agriculture. If a student is working, or interested, in the following areas they may be interested in this program:

    • Cow-calf, Feedlot, Sheep, Swine, Dairy
    • Field Crop, Irrigated Crops
    • Beekeeping
    • Equine
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

    The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an opportunity for high school students to earn up to 40 credits towards their high school diploma while counting hours towards their first year apprenticeship in one of Alberta’s trades.

    The students who have made career choices and comments to RAP begin their training in any one of the apprenticeship trades while in high school. They spend part of their year in school completing graduation requirements and part in industry as a registered apprentice.

    All students participating in RAP must complete the ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association) course. This is an online course which is offered at no cost to high school students.

  • UofL Co-op UofL Co-op

    Hiring a co-op student for a 4, 8, 12 or 16 month work term is smart in any economy!  University students gain career related experience, while your organization gains temporary employees with innovative ideas, current skills, and a passion to ‘make a difference’!  We post your job on a private co-op job board, allowing you to interview & hire students for special projects, short-term coverage, or as the ultimate ‘test-drive’ for checking out future talent! 


  • Work Experience Program Work Experience Program

    The Work Experience Program is an opportunity for students to develop employability skills while completing high school credits. Students work at an approved work site part time or during the summer in this program.

    They work with employers and receive 1 credit for every 25 hours of work. All forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Off-Campus Coordinator before a student is accepted in to the program. Transportation is the students responsibility.